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Logitech G27 Racing Wheel, Shifter and Pedals – $229 @ PCCaseGear


$100 off, caught this in an email.

Certainly not the best price it's been, but pretty good right now.

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  • i have these, well worth the investment. but make sure you get some kind of support for them like wheel stand pro or something. Can't wait for rift type product to come out :)
    Daytona USA with these is like being in the arcade

  • Tip: Make sure you actually want this if you buy this.

    Bought it and played with it for a day before packing it back into the box and never touching it since.

    Too lazy and busy to put it up for sale.

    • +1 I used it for a week or two, now it sits in the cupboard. I quite often have the intent to use it, but then… yeah. It does take a decent bit of effort to get it all unpacked and setup, but it's a good experience.

      Nevertheless, pretty good deal considering the price of the new model is at least 50% more and lacks a shifter.

      • I just got the g29 with shifter for $325 @ HN

      • Bought a GTArt stand….best thing I ever did. Folds up really quickly and can just put it in corner of study with everything all sitting there always clamped. Takes about 15 seconds to take it out and plug it all back in and visa-versa. Much easier for the lazy ones of us to be bothered bring it out even for a 20minute play.

  • The G29 was $275 from DSE last week. And it is a worthy upgrade, except for the lack of included shifter.

    • whats better in the G29? From the reviews it looks like just a few tweaks

      • PS4 compatibility, and a heap more buttons. Yeah, if you've got no need for PS4 or more buttons it's probably irrelevant to you. But for $50 more, you get a modern looking wheel. If the G29 goes for $499, it's not worth it. But $50 more, it's a no brainer over the G27..

  • Just placed an order. Don't need the console compatibility, more game variety on PC and better graphics. They're selling for this second hand on eBay so it's a good deal IMO. I have a friends G25 currently and it's been fine.

  • I got one too, got project cars last week and really over keyboard steering.