Where to Buy Decent Martial Arts Mats at Reduced Prices

I'm looking to buy some martial arts mats to roll on. I'm thinking about getting jigsaw mats but they're quiet expensive at around $28/mat.

I'm also quiet unsure with the amount of mats I would need so if you guys know that'd be great. I'm looking mainly to just roll around practicing bjj moves.


  • Where can I get cheap martial arts mats?
  • Approx. how many m^2 would I need to just do some bjj rolling?

Thanks in advance !


    • Rolling around on Martial arts mats

      • If you have any previous experience, how many would you recommend me buying?

        • Probably two..that will give you an area of 2.4 x 2.4 metres.

  • Jigsaw mats were around $12 each from Clark Rubber when I bought some a few year ago for a home gym.

    • How thick are the ones you have at home? They have 1mx1mx20mm for $45 :S

      • I have these 12mm thick mats. They are marketed as a kids play mat but I am a big guy and don't have any problem getting on the floor with them for push ups, planks, etc. You might find them a little thin if you are going to practice throws/takedowns but for rolling they should be fine.

        I must have recalled the price including purchasing the edge pieces or something…

  • Bunnings pack of 4 for $12 (I think) :) they are only about 1 centimeters thick, I wouldnt want to land hard on them :/ , maybe not at all bunnings though.

    Always ebay:


    • I wish they'd list the size : (

      edit: nvm they do at the bottom haha

  • +1

    If you think the mats are too thin, flatten some cardboard boxes underneath then ;)

  • If you're doing solo drills 4 mats (1m x 1m) may be enough, 9 mats is plenty and 16 mats if you're going to roll with someone. If you usually start rolling from your knees or you're a bottom game player, 20mm thickness should be enough. If you practice take downs, the 40mm mats is all you will ever need. Hope that helps.

    gumtree or ebay from martial arts schools that are closing down are your best bet