expired Destiny: The Taken King - Legendary Edition $69 @ Kmart


Thought this might be handy to people looking to pick up a copy of Destiny Legendary Edition.
I was in Kmart this morning and they had Destiny for PS4 marked at $79. When it scanned though it came up at $69. I can't seem to find it cheaper anywhere with pickup in stock, so thought I'd post the deal up here.
Photo of receipt attached.

Xbox version is reported to be $69 also.


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    Damn, I was in there yesterday. Although I scanned the Xbox One version instead, which came up at $79.


      Yeah I hate that haha.
      In all fairness though I didn't check the Xbox version though so it may be $79 still.


    It was cheaper on OZB last night. got it for $63 with the 10% off code. Still a pretty decent deal here as same price as PSN.

    EDIT: not OZB….ozgameshop


      Yeah true. It's currently $65.69 on ozgameshop with the voucher (plus you can get some extra off with cashrewards). That price is with free shipping that takes over 7 working days. Otherwise it's $70.68 for "express" shipping that takes over 5 working days.
      Guess it depends if people want to play the game now or wait for over a week and save ~$4. If you're not in any rush to play then ozgameshop is cheaper for sure.
      I still think this is the cheapest pickup price at the moment?

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    Xbox version is also $69 (my local had it marked at that price though)

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