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PureVPN, 68.65% off (Halloween Offer & 10% Coupon Combined) - 1yr @ $44.95 USD (~ $63 AUD)


Current Halloween special of 65% off. They seem to have 65% off every other month.
Use Coupon Code "metadata" to get an extra 10% off! Enter coupon code directly under shopping cart.

So total for you is $44.96 when signing up for a year.

Rated by choice as #1 VPN in June 2015.

If you use Netflix USA it seems you may need SmartDNS (at extra $2.99/month pre-coupon) if you need US access through a device a) that doesn't have a VPN client and b) you're not VPNing at the router level.

Located in Singapore, not USA. Singapore doesn't have data retention policies, unlike USA and Australia.

Get to it! Malcolm Turnbull is watching you.

UPDATE: Much thanks to UFO

Main link updated to VPNRanks

Same price, but you get SmartDNS included.

To get this you have to start from the actual affiliate link from here http://www.vpnranks.com/, then you get the correct lifetime 75% off offer to add to cart, on the second page.

Lastly, IP address readable despite using a VPN, read about the fix below. Even shows your internal IP. :(

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  • P2P and Netflix work?

    • Sure do!

      • US Netflix?

        • Yes.
          SmartDNS may be required for this, additional $2.99/month pre-coupon.

        • @malouphix:

          Price in title - 44.95 USD

        • @tuzii: Thanks bro.

        • @malouphix:

          Doesn't work - SmartDNS doesn't give you US Netflix, just tried it

        • @Jacko3000: Have you contacted with PureVPN support?
          As it states it works on their site.

        • @malouphix:

          Hi mate, Yeah i talked to them for 30 mins on their online support. Tried all their suggestions… nothing worked :(

          Have raised a ticket, if it begins working, i'll reply to this message chain.

        • @Jacko3000: Cool, thanks.

        • @malouphix:

          After spending 2 hours, i got it!

          Update the firmware of your Router - fixed the issue.

        • @Jacko3000: Cool, good work and thanks for the feedback.

      • Their website is misleading, when you sign up you have to pay an extra USD$2.99 per month to get smartDNS. From how I read it the base plan does not allow you to use it for Netlix.

        • The plot thickens.

        • Made For Each Other

          While PureVPN provides online privacy and security, its SmartDNS service lets you unblock your favorite movies, talk shows, sporting events, etc. on any channel of your choice anytime, from anywhere.


          So it does cost more, depends on how secure you really want to be, i.e. USA based vs non-USA based and better speeds.
          I don't use Netflix so it's good for me. :)

        • +4

          Of course you can access US Netflix with a VPN — pick a US server.

          SmartDNS is only required when you need US access through a device a) that doesn't have a VPN client and b) you're not VPNing at the router level.

          My Asus router running Merlin firmware
          a) Routes all devices by default through an Australian VPN server (for privacy)
          b) Routes my AppleTV through a US VPN server (for access to US Netflix and Amazon)
          c) Has a very small section of IPs open for direct, non-VPN access (for latency…PS4)

        • +1


          When that US Server has enough bandwidth to deliver Netflix in decent quality.

          With most/all VPN I have tried, I have not been able to watch Netflix in full HD (so far) using a VPN server. I've only been able to watch in full HD using smartdns services.

        • +2

          @klownz: Netflix 1080 streams tap out at 5.8Mbps. If your provider can't manage 6Mbps of international traffic, you've either get a bad ISP or a bad VPN service. (or a suboptimal route — eg going to New York via Asia rather than AU->LA direct.)

          I easily saturate my meagre 12Mbps ADSL, and I've reached over 100Mbps of actual VPN throughput on AirVPN's California servers on TPG fibre.

          I get better results out of VPNing on Internode than I did with SmartDNS on TPG.

          (Obviously YMMV and a Smart DNS is certainly a no hassle option for most people — but I'd hope given the Choice ranking that PureVPN is fast. I might trial it…)

        • @SteveBuscemi:

          Ah nice..! I'll have to keep looking for a VPN which can achieve that.

          Appreciate if you can report back how PureVPN performs given your past experience with other providers.

        • Doesn't work - SmartDNS doesn't give you US Netflix, just tried it

        • @klownz:

          Doesn't work - SmartDNS doesn't give you US Netflix, just tried it

        • @Jacko3000:

          Now working - need to update firmware of Router

        • @SteveBuscemi:

          Thanks so much for this! I picked up the deal and have been unsuccessfully trying to get my ps4 to connect to my WIFI hotspot through the VPN ( to use american Netflix) but havnt had any luck.

          Ill try the Smart DNS option and hopefully will have some luck!

    • Important question malouphix, (sorry for the length), when I originally looked into this via the CHOICE magazine article PLUS some nerd/geek sites online, (that looked at privacy issues with P2P torrenting), it seemed that from a geo-block removal/ netflixs/ content streaming, point of view, PureVPN, was better.

      But CHOICE magazine never commented on, or made recommendation for P2P torrenting, (since it would not condone a "legally grey" activity) as the government legislation was still being drafted at the time.
      In terms of privacy/protection for questionable P2P downloading, the geek sites recommended PIA or other more privacy orientated sites, not PureVPN.

      I then subscribed to PIA. I tend to just use peer-block with ad-ins presently. But have PIA as a back-up, which friends currently use for watching BBC, as PIA is a portable VPN.

      Can anyone correct or update my understanding? Thank you in advance. (Don't forget free-trade agreements increase copyright holder protections.)

      • +1

        PeerBlock is practically useless, it doesn't keep you protected.

        PIA is good, been using it for a couple of months now. Used Mullvad before that, it was even better than PIA imo, but unfortunately I stuffed the TAP driver and didn't know how to get it working again (at that time), so switched to PIA.

        Haven't tried Pure, but have read positive feedback about it.

        Yes, PIA could be a giant honeypot, but I am hopeful what they told torrentfreak is truth…..there's plenty of positive feedback on the web recommending it.

        For anyone curious, check out the following link for a great rundown on the various VPNs out there and their privacy policies etc:


        • +1

          Important information in that Torrentfreak link above^ folks. Many thanks Baltoski, that is exactly what I was talking about. Thanks for clearing up my misplaced faith in Peerblock.

    • Doesn't work - SmartDNS doesn't give you US Netflix, just tried it

      • Not working - firmware updated

  • +1

    OMG this is so expensive, PIA deals are much better. Cyberghost sometimes have really good deals too.

    • +4

      PIA are based in USA.

      If you're are after cheaper then by all means go for PIA.

      If you want to make it harder for Malcolm Turnbull to snoop your info go for PureVPN.

      Also, it's good to be king.
      Highly rated VPN's costs money.

      • +1

        Isn't that what logging is for? The truth is, there's no real safe vpn regardless of what country they're from, not when most submarine cables are tapped anyway.
        It's not always entirely true when they say they don't log either. Very sad but i guess it's just the way it is…..
        Multi hop is the way to go, but speed is a problem :(

        • +1

          It's not just logging you have to take into consideration… although that alone is enough for me to NOT use a US based VPN provider.

          And BTW it's not expensive. There's other VPN providers out there that cost almost double and offer less.

          You get what you pay for mate, and value for money wise PureVPN is right at the top.
          You got to look at what others provide for the money.

        • +1

          What you say is true. If you are targeted whichever vpn service is not going to save you. The reason we get vpn is to make it difficult among the the millions.

          Happy with PureVPN service. In the past SmartDNS (eg. For netflix etc) was part of the package deal.

        • @cookie_lu:

          see my link below… SmartDNS included :)

      • BTW.. PureVPN is based in Hong Kong.. not Singapore as what you've alluded to in the OP.


    • If you don't need the extra features, or don't care if it's based in the USA, yeah PIA is much cheaper.

      However, PureVPN offers something most others don't - split tunneling. It's useful for people who may want to route their browser through a VPN but not affect other applications that require a low latency like online games. It only works with 32-bit applications, though. PIA only puts your entire connection through their VPN.

      That's the reason I went with them after a few years with PIA.

  • Any direction as to which way to go for these guys vs PIA as per here: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/217120 ?????

    • +3

      See my comment above. Depends on your budget and how secure you really want to be.

      • +2

        Choice rated PIA 4th, and PureVPN 1st based on 26 different selection criteria.

        One is based is USA, and one isn't.

        One is PIA, and the other is what I went with ;).

        • Alright thanks, looks like I'll stay out of US jurisdiction.

          Is this going to stuff up my port-forwarding settings at my router?

          I'm thinking I just setup my NAS to use VPN (for torrenting etc) and everything else on the network is ok, but still needs to access the NAS for Plex/media?

  • +1

    I wonder if it is more economical for someone to signup their affliate program, share the link, then split the commission, rather then joining directly?

  • +1

    I like Pure VPN, and I think they are reliable. I used mostly for Netflix around the world. Funny thing though, it works better on mobile devices.

    Price wise, this is not cheap. I paid $49.95 USD, 6 months ago, for their deal, 1 year + free 1 year. So I got 2 years for $49.95 USD.

  • +8

    USE THIS LINK THROUGH VPN RANKS!! (Well look at that, PureVPN ranked first there as well :))


    Same price, but you get SmartDNS included.

    • Nice, thanks bro, have updated OP.

    • +1

      Bollocks - wish i saw this before i signed up

      • +3

        me too, i purchased already here: http://www.bestvpnservice.com/providers-pc/purevpn/?gclid=CM...

        lifetime US 3.75 /month

        I have now raised a support ticket to ask them to add Smart DNS for FREE or cancel my subscription and i will re-purchase using UFO's link and get smart DNS included.

        will let you guys know how i go.

        • +2

          Yep… get in there tux and raise a support ticket. PureVPN also rates very well in retaining customers (less churn than with others). If you can show them a better deal on the same day as signing up, surely they should be able to help you (I hope!).

        • +1


          Thanks mate, will await their reply.

        • @UFO:
          I am pretty confident they will include SmartDNS for you if you ask since it was advertised (UFO link above).
          In the past SmartDNS was included in the deal.

          The price has certainly gone up. The current special discounted deal = previous deal without specials.

        • @UFO:
          Me too - thanks man

        • +1


          I have successfully gotten Smart DNS.

          They have added it for free.

        • @Rakddon:

          Good stuff mate, I thought they would :).

        • @UFO:

          They have now offered me 10 months free - so thats a win too :)

        • Raised a ticket and got my SmartDNS within about 30 mins. Great :)

        • +1


          they didnt offer me this but i'm happy either way.

      • Just ask for a refund and then sign up again?

    • Awesome.

    • +1

      This doesn't seem to be valid anymore. When I try I am forced to add the SmartDNS as an extra.

      • I'm getting the same. Bummer.

        • +1

          If you speak with their live support, they can add it on for free

  • +2

    Get to it! Malcolm Turnbull is watching you.

    Malcom Turnbull supports and encourages use of VPNs

    "Your web-surfing history is a matter for you," Turnbull said. "You've all got VPNs (virtual private networks) anyway. All of you appear to be somewhere in Iowa when you go online … I know that … anyway, I won't go on."

    • That what he says now just to fool us.

      • +1

        No. Unlike other PM's / MP's, Turnbull actually is technically savvy and he knows that VPN gets around a whole bunch of restrictions including the fortress of China (AkA Great Firewall of China). He knows it is impossible at this stage to segregate legitimate business traffic to illegitimate traffic that is encapsulated within private tunnels.

  • do they offer mexican ip proxy?

    want to get into cheap Origin EA games :p

  • +1

    How does this compare to PIA OpenVPN Client (not router) connected to AU Syd/Melb servers? I'm currently getting near my full speed.
    Just signed up to PIA 2 months ago and am concerned on data retention but also speed is very important.

    • +1

      You're going to take a hit on speed regardless of who you use.
      Even the best rated ones drop 4%.

      Going by Choice's review, PIA drops 17%. They still rate highly overall (4th), but performance is where they take a hit dropping them down.

  • I have Nord (bought a year subscription abou t 6 months back) but otherwise would probably look at the Private Internet Access deal which is currently on the front page.

    PIA is cheaper and tends to recieve more favourable reviews, see www.reviewmyvpn.com or www.bestvpm.com

    • Nord are good too. I was going to swap from PIA to them when my subscription is up.

  • Nice one OP. Was mulling over a VPN/DNS package and this made it alot easier to commit :)

    • You're welcome. :) enjoy.

  • +5

    Warning for those using Windows 10; the default settings allow a lot of DNS leak, google to find out what that is, how to test and fix it up.

    Otherwise you'll be doing nothing to stop the metadata collection business.

    • Thanks for the tip.

  • +1

    I have been using PureVPN for a while — good service, lots of locations. The US servers don't seem to work with Hulu however, but I didn't have SmartDNS add on.

    For watching Netflix or other online streaming service, I think a cheaper option like Getflix is good enough. However PureVPN is great if you need a lot of different exit point (for web development testing for example).

  • +2

    I bought a 1 month PureVPN account a few days ago that I don't need anymore - let me know if someone wants it.

    • i would like to try the PureVPN if you would like to give it away

      • +2

        Sure thing - I'll PM logins.

  • +1

    can anyone tell me what server they are on?

    i assume we are not suppose to connect to our local country servers?

  • When I try the Upgrade to Pro option from within the PureVPN Android app, the price is "39.99 12 MONTHS" (doesn't state currency), and if I select it, Google Play says price is "42.73/year", billed to my Telstra prepaid account (doesn't state currency, I assume AUD)

    What is the difference between the upgrade InApp purchase vs purchasing on the web??

    • Via VPNRANK link it includes SmartDNS…

      • The in-app Upgrade page also states:

        Free smart DNS 375+ server 74+ countries Over 60,0000 IP's to hide behind unlimited server switch 5 multi login


        • Nice, then choose what which method you prefer :)

  • Just signing this up for someone else who has been nagging me for it, If I leave the smartDNS unchecked at the cart page, I presume it will add in as per the VPNRanks deal/inclusions banner on the deal link? Anyone confirm it shows in the client area?

    • Uncertain, just screen shot where it states SmartDNS is included for any disputes. Otherwise,m is anyone able to confirm?

      • Pretty sure 7 day moneyback guarantee… if for some reason not included, cancel.

        Have a look at website to confirm, but pretty sure it was there a few months back.

        • +1

          Yeah, it signed up OK @ the 75% off price $44.95 USD, so that worked however as I feared no SmartDNS enabled.

          So I a raised a ticket and they added smartDNS for free.

          Was pretty simple, and maybe it takes some time for them to add that component (not automated) but anyway can confirm it works if you persist.

        • @PonyTable:

          Good stuff Ponytable :).

    • See my reply below… it only works for me if I click the aff link from http://www.vpnranks.com/ directly. I can't add the 75% lifetime offer to my cart otherwise.

  • If you use VPNRanks' link you won't be able to get a cashback though? http://www.cashbackholic.com/cashback-rebates-purevpn.com.ht...

    • The VPNRANKs offer is worth $2.99/month, so that's better than the cashback.

      • True, but not everyone will need SmartDNS.

  • +3

    Careful, the OP link with the VPNRanks deal doesn't work for me. If I click through that and the 75% page, it just takes me to the standard page with 65% off + the coupon.

    If I start from the actual affiliate link from here http://www.vpnranks.com/, then I get the correct lifetime 75% off offer to add to cart, on the second page.

    • +1

      Well spotted mate.

      I'm sure OP will update accordingly.

      • It doesn't let me change the link…

        vpnranks.com is currently banned. Reason: Affiliate/Referral site. You can contact moderators if you need more information.
        Please refer to Posting Ban Explained wiki page for more information.

    • +1

      Thank you, this appears to work, though I am unsure about the SmartDNS addition.

      • +1

        SmartDNS doesn't seem to work. The menu is there under account settings but it wants me to pay for a year to activate it.

        • +1

          They add it upon raising a ticket. Its not auto, but IS honoured.

  • +1

    SmartDNS doesn't work with Netflix, just tried it - it still shows the Australian Catelogue

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