Advice on Buying Barebone PC (Gigabyte Brix or Intel NUC)

Hi All
I'm looking for either a Gigabyte Brix or Intel NUC to setup as HTPC for the TV room.
It would be mainly for browsing and streaming videos, so I think the base model of Brix (Celeron 2807) or NUC should do the job.

However I'm confused with the number of NUC models, not sure which one would be the best bang for bucks (considering the base celeron model)

I have checked Amazon, the brix and 8GB DDR3 RAM will cost me around AUD $190 incl shipping (with the AMEX promo and $5 credit from Amazon App)

Is it a good deal or should I go with local stores like Shopping Express?
Or should I look for Intel Variants? (similar price range)


P.S. I already have a spare SSD.


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    I have the i3 and it works great; only lags with 4k. The difference between the one I have and this one is that the one I have allows space for an m2 ssd and internal 2.5" HDD. I would recommend just taking the plunge and getting an i3 or i5 and not have to worry about anything. I believe previously, some people have remarked that the celerons had a bit of lag.

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      I think the alienware steam machine might be worth waiting for. Esp as the CPU seems upgradeable.

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    I really think you're probably better off getting one of latest cherry trail devices. something with the z8500 or z8700. The new magic stick looks pretty interesting and it has 8gb ram and I also like the look of the nvidia shield.


    i got the brix, works pretty good, was a f around trying to get the sound to work on kodi ubuntu but runs perfectly now