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10% off Bulk Nutrients Orders


Got an email about using the 'Awesome' promo code at check-out for 10% off orders.

Seems good if you are already buying protein.

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    Ain't that some shit, was about to order some today but decided to sleep on it. Thanks OP

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    If you don't have an interest in the stuff, don't buy it. Or better yet, don't comment.


      I have an interest in saving myself and other people money. That's why I commented. The majority of people working out in the gym don't need extra protein. A scientific fact. Put your protein shake money into good quality produce and you will obtain even more benefits.


        "Majority of people… Don't need extra protein. Scientific fact"

        So you know what type of diets the "majority" of people at the gym have, and you know their precise macro requirements also?
        Scientific fact? Sounds more like a hypothesis based on probability.

        I have macro targets of 257grams of protein per day. Write me up a diet plan that allows me to hit that every single day.

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    Dammit I bought 18.5kg unflavoured WPC from bulkpowders a couple days ago. Oh well wouldn't have saved much. It's a shame Bulk Nutrients don't sell their unflavoured protein cheaper anymore.


      It's a shame Bulk Nutrients don't sell their unflavoured protein cheaper anymore.

      It is indeed!

      Perhaps their flavouring is of comparable cost to their protein powders. But if it's just due to their new e-commerce software, they should update it with a few lines of code to discount unflavoured orders. :/

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    Anyone that doesn't like the stuff, don't buy it. Post up your progress pics as well. I'd like to see how you go without supplements.

    Truth is, many don't have the time, resources or access to completely natural sources of protein. A supplement is that, a supplement. Much like you take vitamin supplements where you lack the intake, people will take protein supplements to supplement intake of that particular nutrient where their diet is lacking.

    Nothing wrong with that.

    I'm a fan of Bulk Nutrients and their products. Well priced, smart packaging and quick delivery.


    What are the odds that Venom Protein will follow this up with their own 10 % off coupon? They're currently offering 5 % off for Halloween.

    $7 postage from Bulk Nutrients spoils the deal compared to Venom Protein.

    Still hoping for another 20 % off coupon.


    crap, just made a purchase last week :( this would have come handy but like Scrooge Said above the delivery price every time you order as a kick in the nuts.


    Aw, just bought a new batch from them yesterday. OzBargain is so painful sometimes. :)

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    Can anyone tell me a good cheap protein powder/drink for just felling full ? I am trying to lose some Kg's and need a drink to get me through work. Thanks a lot

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      Bulk Nutrients Protein Matrix is a good one. Tasty, high protein (%84), mixes well and kind of froths like a thickshake. Also contains Lactase to help if you're mildly lactose intolerant. 29 bucks a kilo or cheaper if you buy in bulk.


        Bulk Nutrients Protein Matrix is a good one.

        But it's unnecessarily expensive. Someone looking for a meal replacement for weight (fat) loss, doesn't need WPI in a blend.

        I'd advise them to exercise more, cut out all sugary foods and supplement with pure WPC. If they lack the willpower to do that, a meal replacement shake of psyllium husk, skim milk powder and/or WPC could be effective.


          It's not though, it's actually better value than their WPC.
          Their WPC is $27 per KG and 76% protein.
          Protein Matrix is $29 per kg and 84% protein. Arguably tastes better and you get more grams of protein per $ spent.

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          Only for 1 kg when you compare flavours like chocolate WPC to vanilla PM+ . My guess is they've specially discounted 1 kg of PM+ since they want customers to try their new product.

          For all quantities other than 1 kg and for other flavour combinations, WPC is more economical:



          Haha I can't argue with a nice bit of spreadsheeting!

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      If you want to lose weight, have a think about just increasing your activity.
      Push ups and sit ups are the simplest things to do. They'll add muscle (albeit not as much as strength training) and muscle will burn more energy. What I'm saying is, you'll lose more weight the more muscle you have.


        I want to get get more muscle as well, its more just cos I'm at work for 10 hours a day so I'm looking to have a drink for lunch, I eat yogurt and fruit for breakfast most days.
        I'm also going to be riding to work most days from now on (24km there and back) so that should help. And yes I will be doing strength training soon.

        Thanks for all your help guys, ill look at what's best to get tonight :)


        I thought you couldn't gain muscle while losing fat/eating at a calorie deficit?

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    Guys. Please don't forget this code for the Matrix doesn't actually expire.


      Bugga, looks like BN have fixed it!

      "The coupon code you entered has been disabled so it can't be used."


    From a quick look it appears Protein authority is cheaper even after discount and has non flavoured as an option which I prefer.

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      Which exact protein are you referring to? Their NZ WPI ? How many Kg's? Did you factor in shipping PA= $9.90 BN= $7


        Was comparing the natural wpi vs NZ wpi but after another look bulk nutrients does have other cheaper options for wpi.


          Yeah, buy bigger amounts the price per unit drops.

          Also they have Raw (unflavoured) as an option, I just ordered some.

          That natural one is a bit pricey so I gave it a miss.


    Just stocked up not long ago, but another 10kg of WPC + 1kg of Creatine ordered. Thanks OP! :D

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    Any idea when this offer will end??

    Wasnt planning to do a BN order until about another month, but this is too good to pass up!
    Keen to try their new Salted Caramel too!


    Pretty Decent price, have not ordered from them in a while.

    Curious anyone here actually calculating their macro and caloric intake and thus supplementing with protein powder because they physically can't get enough food in within the day?

    Or do you simply take one after working out to stop perceived 'catabolic' effects.

    I tend to use protein powders these days to create lean dessert concoctions.

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      Yeah I do this. I'm a pretty skinny guy who's got a few friends well versed in the ways of gym (one is a PT who works at a supplement store) and I've been hitting them up for advice about gym and diet. For a long time I just wasn't consuming anywhere near enough protein, so I sat down and worked out bow much protein I need for my body weight and goals, and what I need to eat to reach my goals. I have two shakes a day to supplement my needs, at times when it's usually difficult to eat because I find shakes quick and easy.

      Heaps of people reckon you don't need it etc but I noticed MASSIVE differences before and after using protein. I use pre-workout, protein, creatine and BCAA's, and have added each one of them because I actually notice the effects and they work for me.

      But hey, everyone's different :P

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      I do but I'm calorie deficit as cutting atm, I find a lot of the time I haven't hit my protein requirement so use a shake.


      The new salted caramel is a new favorite


    Great service from these guys (again).

    Ordered about 1pm yesterday and delivered around 1pm today! Tas > Vic that's impressive and wasn't even express shipping!


    Must of missed out. It says that the coupon code is disabled.


    Anyone tried their pancakes? Was wondering how it tasted.

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      I have, I find it pretty average. Doesn't mix as well as the normal pancakes and the texture is slightly 'grainy'. It's edible, I'd give it a score of say 6.5/10.