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Acronis True Image 2010 - Over 50% off - $28.25 AU


If you play the Memory Bonanza game on the Acronis website, and match up all the cards you get $26US off (Over 50% off) Acronis True Image 2010. I managed to finish the game, and got the maximum discount. I then noticed you could reuse the link, so I thought I would share it with everyone.

I've been using Acronis True Image 2009 over the last year and can say its a great product. If you want to get yourself latest copy, here's your chance.

Link to official web page below:

Link for the discount:

NOTE: To all those who are curious, I played the Memory Bonanza via the US Acronis website, rather than the AU - so I got more of discount than if I was to play under the AU site.

mod - removed referral link and point to 'dummy' referral.

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    True Image is a great product for backups and imaging hard drives. Highly recommended.

  • Excellent software, although Windows 7 users may not need this as Win7 already has a (very basic) hard drive imaging feature as part of it's backup system.

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    If i didnt have this already.. id be getting it now… this is like "must have" software.. along with Acronis Disk Director.

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      i don't really need the Nonstop Backup(tm) this new version offers and i'm happy with Acronis Home 2009.
      To those who don't have it : Heartily recommend grabbing Acronis at this price - as the previous poster has remarked, it is indeed "must have" software.

      • I have the 2009 version as well and it has been fantastic.

        Apart from nonstop backup, do you know if there are any other features that make this a buy over the 2009 version?

      • I use TI 2009 as well, it works with my current models of laptop (which their previous version didn't). I would only upgrade to 2010 if I really needed to, like before.

        I don't use the windows based software software though, only the boot disk creator. Their windows software interferes with my network shares, this seems to be a common problem. Hopefully they have fixed that with 2010, but I don't use it like that anyway so no difference for me.

  • Glad I didn't take-up the upgrade offer last night! Things like this really annoy customers when they find out they have been ripped.

    As a longtime user, I have taken advantage of this offer, as TrueImage has served me and my business well.

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    Superb Software, WIN 7 backup is nothing compared to this software. This is more like Apple Time Machine with Incremental, daily backup. Plus it was non stop backup that runs every 5 min, highly recommended.

  • Did you get the free Plus Pack add-on?
    It's "free" at the regular US$49.99 price.

  • +3

    I've managed to get the Plus pack added for free with the above discount.

    1. I clicked on the link to see the 50% discount (BTW Thank you to Mystery for going to the trouble! Much appreciated)

    2. I click to continue shopping and navigated to this link which includes the Plus pack for free without the discount:

    3. I clicked continue shopping

    4. Once the home page appeared again, I pasted the 50% discount link into the browser from above and viola…

    I get the 50% discount plus the Plus pack for free.

    I just purchased it then and it works. I just got the download link and licence key for both.


    • +2

      Good find, it worked!
      Step 5 should be "Click on Update in your shopping cart". Otherwise the cart will show the $28.52 amount, but the next screen will show the full $49 price.

      Downloading now! The Plus pack really should be included in the main program by default.

    • you, my good sir, rock the kasbah. OP does too. Thanks!


    I bought this product recently.

    The Rescue Disk no longer recognizes USB connected wireless keyboard/mouse (The Company's helpful advice: Use a PS/2 mouse.)

    There are problems with the new continuous back function … search the net for details.


    • I'm restoring an image with the non-windows rescue disk right now, and the USB keyboard I hooked up works fine. Is your computer an older one without bios-level usb keyboard support maybe? Have you tried different usb keyboards?

  • Just used the posted link to buy Acronis True Image 2010 for AU$28.03. Normal price is AU$49.95. Bargain.

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