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Buy 3 Selected Yokohama Tyres & Get 1 Free


Buy 3 get 1 free, Participating Stores Great deal if you need tyres..

This offer has been extended to Saturday, 19th December 2015.


Purchase 3 Yokohama tyres at the recommended retail price and receive the fourth tyre free. Yokohama’s offer is only valid on the Yokohama BluEarth A AE50, R1 (AR01), Geolandar SUV (G055), Geolandar H/T-S (G051), Geolandar H/T (G056) and Geolandar A/T-S (G012) pattern tyres. Available between Thursday 1st October 2015 and Monday 30th November 2015. Now available from 26th October 2015, the Yokohama RY818 van tyre.

1. By taking part in this offer, participants agree to be bound by these Terms and Conditions.
2. This offer commences 8:00am Thursday 1st October 2015 and will conclude at 5:00pm Monday 30th November 2015 inclusive (“Promotion Period”).
3. To be eligible, the customer must purchase four (4) select Yokohama tyres from within the “Eligible Products List” in one single transaction within the Promotion Period.

Eligible Products List

Eligible Yokohama Passenger Car Tyres:
BluEarth-A (AE50)
A.driveR1 (AR01)

Eligible Yokohama 4WD Car Tyres:
Geolandar HTS G051
Geolandar SUV HT G055
Geolandar H/T G056
Geolandar A/T-S G012

Eligible Yokohama Van tyres (from 26th October 2015):

  1. This offer is redeemable in store only at time of purchase and cannot be claimed in conjunction with any other offer or promotion.
  2. This offer excludes fleet, government and wholesale purchases and all other tyres manufactured or distributed by Yokohama Tyre Australia.
  3. This offer is only available whilst stocks last at participating Tyres & More stores, Bob Jane T-Marts and selected Yokohama Dealers only. Please refer to Participating store list, found on the Yokohama website

Participating Store List
To view our participating store list please click here.
If you require any assistance please contact our call centre The HUB on 1800 650 509

Also a deal on bridgestone to Bridgestone buy 3 get 1 Free

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    Was after c.drive2 but doesn't look like they are included :(

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      I called a couple of my local Yoko dealers looking for new tyres a couple of weeks ago and they all told me the C.Drive2 had been replaced by the BlueEarth AE50.I get that they're different styles of tyre and if just one guy had said it to clear stock I'd have been wary but a few of them said it across different franchises/retailers. Maybe they all know something I don't, but I went with the AE50 and they've been pretty good so far.

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    • thanks updating the post

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    I got the Blue Earth for my Toyota Camry couple of weeks back…very happy so far….was initially trying to get a good price on the Toyos but the popular Teo Plus have been discontinued and the replacement Nano Energy 3 was costing ~$130 a tyre after few calls around and price beat with K-mart….called the local Bob Jane store and was offered this deal…costed $474 for 4 tyres and wheel alignment (got 50% discount for this)…..did the job in just over an hour….great customer service!

    • Hiya Mate,

      Which bob jane store did you go to? I am looking to get all 4 replaced with blue earth as well! that price of $474 is awesome! might try and match it!

      But my tyres are 215/45/17 so perhaps a little more expensive than the camry?


      • I got the similar offer from Bob Jane in Fountain Gate, but different tyre size, but include the alignment. The alignment itself worth $50 I reckon.

        I am using Goodyear GT3, worn out after 75000 km, not bad but very noisy.

        For Yokohama, I googled around, the cons for Blue Earth is, it lasts about 40000km, but a lot positives.

        • Thanks Edsanwong for your comment! Fountain Gate is a little far for me but gonna keep it as a backup option! out of curiousity, what are your tyre sizes?

        • @lammi: small car 175/65/R15, try as a base, and shop around in your local area.

      • My tyres are 215/60/16….also Bob Jane offers a free rotation and balancing after 5 K Kms which I didn't know before I decided to go with them :)….Blue Earths have exceeded my expectations so far….very quiet and great wet grip!
        Edit: My local store is Bob Jane Keperra

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    Im not a tyre professional; are these a 'premium' tyre, like Pirelli etc, or same quality as average brand?

    • +2

      Every brand, has basic and premium range and or performace range.

      For example, Michelin has XM1 for basic level, XM2 for higher and more premium. Bridgestone with Ecopia as the entry level, and Potenza or Turanza a little bit more premium.

      A lot of people here can give you advice which one the right one for you. I am looking for new tyres too :)

      • Thanks for the detailed reply! - it seems like you know your tyres!
        Im looking for a premiumish set of Yokohamas for a 2004 4WD Ford Territory. Any recommendations from this promo?

        • Me? I dunno much tyre. Seriously.

          I researched a lot on the net in the last 7 days. And hey, this is my first time I bought tyres :)
          I checked the brand website, googled the reviews,, haggling aroud Tyrepower, Bob Jane and Kmart.

        • @Edsanwong:

          Any tips on how to haggle? I am really bad at haggling! ahaha


        • @Edsanwong: ok no worries; you sound like you know what youre talking about :)

        • +1

          We've had the G012's on the X-Trail and done our fair share of sand and trails and although a little noisy, they are the best all terrain tyre (for our needs) i've owned over the past 20 years. Just got 80,000 out of the fronts and could have gotten another 10-15K out of the rears. Excellent side wall, and only ever 1 puncture which was a rather large screw from a council work site on side of road.

          They've got an excellent warranty on them as well. Just replaced 4 + balance for $760. I probably could have haggled another 10 off a corner if shopped around further, but this was close to home. If you're not after big mudders, and don't mind a little bit of road noise, the A/T's (they are 70/30) should definitely be a contender.

        • +1

          My dad has a set of Yokohama Geolanders on his 2012 Territory. Unsure of the model but they would be a Highway Terrain orientation (perhaps HT/S?). They are a brilliant tyre. Decent grip, very quiet even on coarse bitumen, relaxed sidewall (so a bit smoother over bumps than the OEM Goodyears), reasonable wear. He's had a few sets now and so has my brother on his Holden Jackaroo. Would thoroughly recommend.

        • +1

          @redvaldez: Much appreciated; this is looking like the variant I'll go with based on your reply - cheers!

      • Ecopia are low rolling resistance tires. Super Cat is Bridgestone's basic level. I have a set and they're terrible. Low grip in wet, easy to make them squeal, but at least they're hard wearing.

  • i've had my car for a little while and had tyres changed at different times .. so all have different wear on them.
    Should I take advantage of this deal and purchase all 4 tyres now ? Usually I only change one or two at a time whenever i need to …

    Or should I buy 4, keep them in the garage until i need em

    • +4

      Don't think you should buy and store. These deals pop up all the time. What you can do is buy the 4 and have them all replaced in one go and keep the old ones. I've seen people sell decent used tyres on gumtree for $50ish each. I had Yokohama on my Subaru before (albeit the more premium version). they're good tyres.

    • +1

      You should stunt drive on 2 wheels everywhere until they even out

    • Same for me. Im leaning towards just rewarding myself and getting a new set on the car pre christmas. We use the car a fair bit over this time.

      Ive heard tyre rubber perishes over time.

    • or…Put the two newest ones in the front and when all 4 look like they're just about worn out, look out for a similar deal and replace them at that time.

  • About time. Got my 2012 RAV4 base model 2 wheel drive serviced and was told by the person that front tyres have 1 mm thread left on the sides, so I might need to change. Its been 3 years for the car and drove only 22,000 kms. He advised to change all 4 together for best results. Back 2 might have additional 1 mm thread. Shall I go for all 4? and any recommendation on brand as I saw another deal with 3+ 1.

    • +2

      had bridgestone & got the yokohama, finding the yoko's much better tyre & grip in the wet

      • Thanks. Any particular model anyone suggest for the RAV4?

        Size: 225/65R17 102H

  • How is this deal offered by my local Bob Jane Tmart

    4 X Yoko BlueEarth AE50 215/60R16 , With Fitting, Wheel balancing and Wheel Alignment all for $500 all inclusive.

    • Seems decent, I paid close to that, just to get the car serviced

    • As stated in my comment above..I got the same deal for same size for $474 :)

      • QLD prices are cheaper for some reason even on tyresales, Do you mind sharing your receipt, it will be very helpful for me to get a pricematch :D, you can buzz me via a quick PM , thx in advance.

        • +1

          at work right now…have the receipt in my car….can do it once I get home

        • @coolmachismo: Cool that will be great, I have sent you a PM, so you can send the receipt link once you upload it.

        • @coolmachismo: Any luck with the receipt mate ?

        • +1

          @regenade: sent you a PM

        • @regenade: sent you the receipt over PM last night…did you get it?

        • @coolmachismo: Hey there! Is it alright if you PM me an image too? I'm planning on getting my tyres this week :)

  • +2

    How does this compare to the similar Bridgestone deal? Which are better tyres

    • Want to know as well.

      • Again, I am not an expert here.
        But when you do your research, make sure you compare the same class from each brand. For example Yokohama BlueEarth AE01 with Bridgestone Ecopia, so basic level vs basic level, premium vs premium

        • Came here to say the same thing. To say "what's better, Bridgestone or Yokohama" is like saying "should I buy a Holden or should I buy a Hyundai". You have to look at the models rather than the brand as a whole.

          Whilst Bridgestone and Yokohama are both reputable manufacturers, what tyre is "best" for you will come down to your budget, your driving style, and what you want out of a tyre.

    • Bridgestone deal doesnt include SUV/4WD tyres, but Bridestone is a better tyre (depend on the model)

  • +1

    they excluded Advan tyres this yr.. boooo

  • +1

    Im looking for a premiumish set of Yokohamas for a 2004 4WD Ford Territory. Ive asked Edsanwong, but no luck,
    Any Ozbargainer recommendations from this promo?

  • +1

    haha if a bridgestone or Bob Jane rep comes along here and reply, they could make a bit of business!


  • -1

    Do Bob Jane accept Amex?

  • Ordered 4 x G012s yesterday for $725.

    • +1

      where you get that price from and what is the size

      • 215/65R16
        BobJane, after negotiations

      • Correction: $725 for 4 x 215/65R16 G012 + wheel alignment. Bargain!

  • Anybody got good offer on Geolander ATS G012 265/60/18. So far I scored only 350$ (fitted) per tyre

  • Tyer snobs is the new breed of ozbargainers lol

    • +1

      Tyres play a fairly substantial role in the comfort and safety of your car. Why shouldn't you be a tyre snob?

      • +1

        Especially if they're long lasting tyres. This still sits within the OzB realms of more bang for buck/money in hip pocket values we all love and share around here I reckon.

  • Im after 235x55xr18 anyone know any good deals on tyres for this size dont want high end tyres cheap will do but not crap,will probaly need to replace all 4.

  • +1

    My last set of Yokohamas lasted 70,000kms- thanks op

    • Good to know

  • hey guys, good read here.
    recommendations for a mazda 3 sp25 2010??

  • Why no ADVANS. I will happily dump my bank account out with them if they include 1x free neova and 1 x free advan rg.

  • I heard that the Yoko C-drive (AC01/AC02) are better tyres compared to the A-drive albeit more expensive per tyre…I also dont think they're part of this 3-get-1 deal. Can anyone comment if this is true and if it is worth the extra?

  • This offer seems great but i do not about the quality of these tyres? i have toyota hybrid and are they best fit for my car?

    • Yokohama are excellent quality. Made in japan i think?

      They were, maybe still are? , standard tyres on prius and lexus hybrid ct200h.

  • Just got yokohama blue earth ae50 205/55R16 + fitted,balancing and wheel alignment for $520 at Charlestown tyres and more. Quite happy with the service and tyres. Thanks OP.

  • Offer extended till dec 19

    • thanks have removed expiry, hopefully mods can change it to the 19th