Ziegler & Brown BBQ's at BBQ Galore

Went into BBQ's Galore in Supa centa to buy a BBQ and was pulled into nonstop marketing for this new brand called Ziegler & Brown.
All I wanted was to buy a Weber and this guy who just had his smoke break kept on going about the Ziegler & Brown brand.
He said Weber has one year warranty and was meant for roasting not grilling because the American's liked it and priced at ~$400. I was pretty sure Weber had a 5 year warranty.
Ziegler & Brown instead has a 5 year warranty and it allows both roasting and grilling priced at ~$700 for the same size as Weber. I was like wowwwwww (rolls eyes)
My girlfriend got really interested and started asking questions - what's this brand and is it marketed for Europe etc?
The salesman goes - Ziegler and Brown are two employees of BBQ's Galore, Brown is the PA of the CEO.

I would say I was dumbstruck because I kept thinking it was an international brand cos of it's cool name and all.
Anyway, I didn't even buy the Weber from them and instead bought it from The Good guys.


  • Weber has one year warranty

    lol, not according to Weber: http://www.thebbqshop.com.au/weber-faq

    Speak to anyone who has had a warranty claim with Weber. They are amazing to deal with in my experience of a warranty claim plus another person I know who also had a claim. They answer so fast that phone doesn't even get a chance to ring when you call their support number, it freaked me out! Quickly describe the problem and the replacement parts arrive a couple of days later. Also had a similar experience ordering a spare part for a second hand weber I got of eBay. No fuss and very well priced replacement parts.

    Full disclosure, I love my Weber. I had no idea a BBQ could be so good until I got one.

  • http://forums.whirlpool.net.au/archive/1995069

    Probably also sales bonuses on selling the Z&B product, hence the big upsell

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