New 'high end' AV setup Reccomendations

OK. So I have a bit of 'fun money' that I have decided to spend on a good AV Receiver (I have a nice enough TV and a lot of gadgets that connect to its 3 HDMI ports that I need to cycle occasionally). I figured a good receiver (and in a little while good speakers) would serve me well - but I really know nothing about it (audio) and do not have anything in that specialised area (A/v or separates or speaker set) right now. All I know is I want it to be able to last me a while, ie support the 'latest' features (Dolby Atmos 4K pass-through) and have a lot of HDMI ports for my existing or future gadgets (media players, Bluray, apple tv 2, chromecast, consoles, security system etc). Usability (ie nice remote / interface / app?) and idle power consumption are a consideration too - though secondary.

Basically I'm thinking a price of 1.5 - 2K (OK I put 'high end' in the title - I know that that can mean a lot more $$ then I've stated, but lets be reasonable) should land me an awesome set. But I'm not sure what to get or where to get it to make those $$ go as far as possible.
Hopefully the OZB community can chip in with some recommendations, tips and suggestions.

A bit of goggling for 'best receiver' tends to point to an Onkyo system - but the Aussie dollar seems to price those a bit high locally now .. and any mention of them on OZB and they get bagged for past HDMI issues/warranty/support.