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Amazon + Greenman Deals Mass Effect Pack $14, BF4+ Hardline $25 USD, Rocket League $15 USD


If you have any Greenman Gaming credit, NOW is the time to use it! Greenman Gaming credit will expire on the November 24, meaning any unused credit will be wasted.

Go to Greeman gaming VIP section for deals.
Example: Rocket League $15 USD, South Park Stick of Truth $10 USD

For Amazon deals, check out the following:

Bioshock Triple Pack $14 USD

Mass Effect x3 pack $15 USD

Battlefield 4 + Battlefield Hardline Bundle $25 USD

Outlast $5 USD

Titanfail Deluxe digital $8 USD (Note: multiplayer in this game is pretty much dead. Only buy it if you're OK with playing against bots.)

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  • How does the amazon game work? Do they gave you steam key, or they have they own download which you can only download from them?

    UPDATE: On product QA, its written Mass Effect Trilogy is for Origin. because only Mass Effect 1 and 2 available in Steam. Not sure about other game tho.

    • Me3 is an Origin game. You will activate the Key on the Origin client. Very likely you will get Origin product keys for ME1 and ME2 as well.

  • FYI: GMG doesn't let you buy South Park: Stick of Truth, I'm guessing due to it not being the Australian censored version.

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