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[Amazon USA] Final Fantasy X, X-2 HD Remaster PS4 Digital Code for US PSN (USD$18/ AUD$25)


For those who missed FF X, X-2 on PS4 for USD20. it's back at USD20. Use L1L2R1R2 to get it down to USD18.

US PSN account required.

Dragon Quest Heroes is unfortunately still USD40. Was USD20 earlier but I missed it.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • aus psn? or us psn?

    • US PSN

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      You purchase the code from Amazon, create a US PSN ID, say yes to making the console your primary when you create it and then activate the code on it. You can then download the game. Once the game has downloaded you can play it from your Australian PSN account with no worries.

      • should look into this
        edit: thanks :)

      • Can you still play multiplayer with a US game using a Aussies PSN account?

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          I don't know if FF has multiplayer but if it does, you should be able to play multiplayer on an AU PSN account. I have an AU copy of Helldivers and play multiplayer via my US account. When i start a multiplayer game via my AU account, it's pretty much playing the game as a different user and all the equipment gathered via my US account don't appear.

          Hope that helps.

        • @Innamura: Have to be careful with Helldivers as the DLC items are only valid for the account that purchased them. If you purchase any of the addon packs for it on your AU account you won't be able to equip them on your US account. =(

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    Dragon Quest heroes was $20USD on black friday but it sold out really fast, FFX got restocked roughly 24hrs ago and so did Dragon Quest but Dragon Quest had reverted to $40USD.

    • It was probably a mistake. DQH is still relative new. It came out last month.

  • It says you are purchasing from Australia and it is not available. How do i get around this?

    • Change your primary address to USA and add a USA shipping address as your default.

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    Remember that code is a one use code so if you want more games, put them all in the cart together.

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    This game is also $24 on Au psn. No need to buy from amazon if your vita connects to au psn

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      This deal is for the PS4 version, which is currently $34.98 on AU PSN

      • Is there even much difference between the PS3 HD and PS4 HD versions?

        Can't imagine they bothered to scale it twice, other than some frame rate drops in intensive areas…

        • +2

          The Anti-aliasing has been stepped up a tad on the PS4 copy and there are also other subtle differences but for the most part, the game will play very similar on both.

          If you want a specific example, look at the hand in this scene

        • PS4 version includes the original soundtrack as an option instead of the arranged soundtrack.

          I don't like the arranged. Definitely get PS4 version.

        • @arc4ne: Ah so looks like if you choose 1080P on PS3 you get no AA, whereas PS4 has 4X MSAA applied by default.

          The sort of thing you don't notice till its side-by-side. Thanks for the info.

      • Sorry my fault. I just bought it yesterday vita version so .. :)

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