Current best price for the LG G4 (H815)

Hi guys,

Looking to you experts on the best price for an LG G4. Don't care if it's greymarket :)



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    The cheapest i can find is $539 at eglobal. That is the best price currently. You should wait for one of the ebay deal and may be you can get it for $450.

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      Been looking at these myself. Do you if there is much of a difference between the leather and metallic backs, in terms of lasting quality?

      Just waiting on the Commbank Credit Card for the $250 back, till I make the final decision.

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        I myself got the metallic version, much because i put it in a case anyway.

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    I got mine some months ago on ebay using the 20% discount for around $450. I'm sure there may be coming tech deals in ebay or other sites. Keep a lookout for Christmas deals :)

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    Thanks for your help guys, I think I'll take your advice and wait it out for a sub $500 deal :)

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    Best Phone you will ever get. Purchased a Qi / NFC sticker for $3 from Aliexpress and now have wireless charging :)

    Only downside is the battery, It doesn't last as long as i hoped it would.