EB Games Mad Monday - 7th December 2015

I just took a look at the EB Games website and it's currently down in preparation for Mad Monday on the 7th of December, starting 12:01am.

There's no bargains listed currently, so that's why it's here in the forums, but based on past years there'll be at least a few bargains on offer.

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EB Games Australia

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  • Can anyone recommend good ps4 split screen games? I have little big planet 3 already

    • Rocket League

    • It's the unfortunate truth that next gen in its entirety does not have anything fantastic going for it, splitscreen-wise, ESPECIALLY for exclusive games. I mean, personally I like Divinity, and the enhanced editions on the fore and bone are fuinctional, at least. I probably wouldn't have bought a PS4, if couch-gaming was your plan.

    • edit: dang just realised you're asking for ps4 :(

    • Take everything that Fuzz says with a big bag of salt. If it isn't WiiU he isn't going to like it.

      Here's a list of couch coop games for PS4


      And here's a list that are split screen


      I recommend Hell Divers and Magicka 2.

      • Yeah you know I'm a big fan of Animal Crossing Amiibo Festival and Devil's Third.
        Oh wait. That's not true! A shit game is a shit game no matter what platform it's on. Nintendo gave up on the Wii-U so I did too.
        Sony gave up on the PS4 as a videogame console too, and would much rather talk about its ability to use Netflix, but people still cling to it.

        Both of those games you said, Magicka 2 (Which was $5 last week on the sale on steam) and Hell Divers, are on PC as well, and I could easily play them multiplayer with my two gamepads. In fact, neither of them require an amazingly beefy PC, so most people could run them on their laptops or whatever. And for those who like to complain about not being able to use controllers or a big screen tv with the PC; Have you heard of an HDMI port or USB ports?

        I was talking mostly experiences you can't find outside of the PS4, which, it's very hard to argue. There are few exclusive splitscren/couch gaming experiences on PS4 right now, that you can't just get on PC for considerably cheaper, and cheaper controllers. What's this site called again; OzSpendAsMuchAsYouCan? I just don't understand the point of the console if all the games you suggest are just on PC anyway.

        • But he asked for PS4 split screen so you obviously don't count games that are not exclusive? Where's the sender in that mate? You need to get over this exclusive crap. Now PS4 has plenty of exclusives your new target is exclusive split screen games, exclusive games that have your personal stamp of approval, exclusive games that have nice box art,exclusive games that were released on a Wednesday? Just buy a PS4 already and quit the hate ;)

        • @Where's_That_Cake: "Plenty of exclusives?" Drive club and the Order 1886? Very few past those, and I wouldn't touch those if you paid me, which, co-incidentally, is what the devs had to do to ensure positive reviews. All I want is a videogame console that has videogames on it that aren't already on platforms I already have access to. That's the entire point of buying a new console; to obtain games I can't already get, cheaper and better elsewhere.

          Infamous and Bloodborne are the elephants in the room, because they're next gen games that are exclusive to a console and they are actually good… But wait, neither of those are split-screen!

          EDIT: Until Dawn is actually pretty okay.

        • @FrankMcFuzz: Yeah, keep going buddy. The list is extensive nowadays.

        • @Where's_That_Cake: If you say so; but you're likely counting things that haven't come out, like Uncharted…. or things on previous consoles, like Uncharted.

  • Hahaha their website has crashed under the load. I blame ozbargain!

  • Says come back tomorrow at 8am Sydney time… I don't believe them!!!!

    • Nevermind, starts at 8am Sydney time now as stated on their twitter. See you then

    • +1 vote

      I believe them. But I also believe that it will be back down again at 8:01am.

  • -3 votes

    EB Games sucks! They claim to be "Australia's leading games retailer" but this couldn't be further from the truth. On every occasion that I have shopped there at least one the following events have happened to me.

    1. They offer a satisfaction guarantee where any new game (excluding PC titles) can be returned within seven days of purchase and a refund is given. Guess what they do with the game after it's returned? It goes straight back up on the shelf as a new title. That's right, a USED item is resold as NEW countless times to those unaware of how things work at EB. I don't know about you but when I buy something that's new I expect it to be new, not something that's been in and out of the shop countless times passing through many different hands. Of course someone uses the download code and lies about this when they return it so if you do buy a "new"game from EB be prepared to revisit the store to obtain a new DLC code to purchase any extra content. I got real sick of this happening real fast.

    2. Their used game prices and trade in values are an unfunny joke. EB are the masters of maximising profit from every single customer that walks through their doors. They continually push pre owned "Are you sure you don't want a pre owned copy, it's only $2.00 less than the brand new one" on the one hand while lowballing trades on the other. Customers get force fed: Pre order! Midnight launch! Come along and pay $109.95 for the latest COD game. Then in a few weeks time, come back and trade it in for a pittance while putting that money towards another pre order that will also be $109.95. They are the only organisation that sell used games at higher prices compared to other shops selling brand new copies. That's right, come to EB, pay more for USED compared to NEW elsewhere. I've given up on buying new games from them.

    3. Their used consoles and accessories are junk. EB do not test items that are traded in such as consoles and accessories. They hold onto them for a week as per the law for such things and then back out they go for sale. Read EB's Facebook page, they make claims about there being an "expert refurbishment team". Have you ever heard of a bigger crock than that? Do not buy used items from EB unless you like flushing your money down the toilet. There's a reason why the warranty is only 90 days. I bought a used console that dies four weeks after purchase. EB were VERY reluctant to do anything and I had to make numerous threats to get them to fix it. Not good enough.

    4. They treat staff like dirt and expect customers to do all the hard work for them. EB are currently under investigation for abuse of staff members by a racist homophobic fine specimen of humanity known as Mark DiStefano. This has bought to light many other staff members speaking up about mistreatment at the hands of EB. Unpaid hours, early starts, late finishes, harassment, bullying, you name it, EB are probably guilty of it. Seen it cheaper elsewhere? We'll match it! Of course you have, the entire games retail sector is cheaper than EB. They want you to do all the hard work, find a cheaper price, go to them tell them where you found it, they then call and check if stock is available and still, it's at managers discretion if they will do it. Perhaps you could lower your prices EB and be a market leader for once? Set the trend instead of being hopelessly behind it. On many occasions I have had price matches denied because of some arbitrary reason that no decent business would cite as a deal breaker.

    5. Pressure selling tactics to make you feel like you're ordering fast food. EB staff members have some vicious KPI sales targets to meet each month. That means that should you choose to shop there you are going to have a whole variety of crap shoved down your throat that you don't even want to know about.
      Join EB World, it's free!
      Would you like to pre order the next Call of Battlefield?
      Trade those old games in and save money!!!
      Come to the next midnight launch and hang with us!
      Would you like scratch protection on your disc?
      Are you sure you don't want the collectors edition of the game you're buying? It's only $199.95!
      I hate being pressured into these things, it happens way too frequently when shopping there.

    So, in summary, don't buy from EB, they are a cancerous lump on the arse crack of Australian games retail. Support the stores that have the best prices, whether they be online or bricks and mortar. Just say no to EB and all of the dodgy shit mentioned above!