expired Rivers Latest 4 Days TV Ads - Women's Sandals $8.00 Per Pair - on Sale 17th to 20th Feb Only


Saw TV add this morning. This is sale for women's sandals in-store at any Rivers shop - retail & warehouse. I understand from it that price reduction relates to all women's sandals in store. (Ignore price reductions listed on website link - OzBargain required me to submit a URL!!)

I understand from a worker in my local Rivers shop that the TV specials are advertised nowhere else but on TV. He passed on this bit of information a couple of weeks ago when I went in after seeing a TV ad for men's short-sleeve button up shirts at $12. I had to ask about the sale because there were no signs up with the TV ad sale price inside the shop. Nor could I find info about the sale on their website.

So I'd suggest interested OzBargain-ers should try to submit these regular 4-day TV specials whenever they see them advertised - make sure you take careful note of the dates when you see the ad.

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