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Everdure Neo Buddy BBQ, Stand and Full Length Cover $229 @ Tentworld


EVERDURE NEO BUDDY BBQ VALUE PACK - Includes Matching BBQ Stand & Protective Cover

Everdure Neo Buddy BBQ: Featuring a non-stick cast aluminium "Comb-e-Plate" featuring both griddle and flat plate cooking areas and totalling a large 1353 square cm cooking area, the Everdure Neo Buddy is a versatile BBQ that does not take up a huge amount of space. The central fat drainage system consists of a fat collection tray with disposable aluminium tray for easy cleaning and the cooking plate features a patented design for healthy grilling. The BBQ is manufactured with a light weight cold roll steel body with cast aluminium ends and weighs only 14kg for easy portability. Side handles make the barbecue easy to pick up and double as a rack for barbecue tools. A 9.5MJ stainless steel ring burner gives even heat distribution and efficient gas usage, while a high mounted hood with built in temperature gauge makes the BBQ perfect for roasting. The Everdure Neo Buddy BBQ is a compact BBQ packed with features!

Everdure Universal BBQ Trolley Stand: The Everdure Universal BBQ Trolley Stand is a great addition to your Neo Buddy and Neo Buddy Grill. Designed for easy-wheeling of your BBQ, its easy locking system securely locks your BBQ to the stand and the easy folding system makes it perfect for transporting and storage.

Protective Cover: The protective cover included is a perfect accessory for your Everdure Neo Buddy BBQ and provides effective protection against moisture, dust and dirt. Designed to fit over both the BBQ and the stand, the Neo Buddy Cover is a must have for your Neo Buddy BBQ.

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  • How does this compare to Weber Baby Q? I'm assuming the trolley is just a stand and not like a trolley you can use to transport the BBQ while camping etc ?

    • Hey Dammit,
      They do have a trolley stand that converts from a stand to a trolley that you can wheel the BBQ on whilst folded down (go to page 15 on the manual):
      However, that's not the same stand that comes in the buddy pack.
      The BBQ compares very well to the Weber baby Q, a lot of positive reviews out there


        Hi Tarzan,

        Nice find! That trolley in the pictures appears to be the Everdure E2Go Trolley Stand.

        I have never tried putting the Neo Buddy onto it and nothing in the description mentions that it is compatible so I cant confirm right now that it is.

        I have already sent an email off to our Everdure rep to ask about the compatibility for this incase this trolley is perhaps discontinued or an old model?

        As soon as I get a reply I will update here, and our listing online.




          Morning Tarzan,

          Unfortunately, the trolley stand thats inside the instruction manual you've seen there is discontinued and no longer available.

          The E2GO trolley stand, whilst it looks similar is not compatible with the Neo Buddy sadly.

          Sorry to be the bearer of bad news this morning.




    Hi Dammit,

    The Neo Buddy compares well against the Weber BabyQ. Here are a few of the main considerations people have when comparing:

    Neo has 9500MJ burner, BabyQ has 9000MJ.
    Neo has cooking area of 1353cm2, BabyQ has 1200cm2. (12% more!)
    Neo & BabyQ both have temp guage.

    These are some of the more important features for our Neo buyers. If you have any specific questions, let me know and I'll try my best to help!

    IN regards to your question about the stand. Here is a link to a larger picture of the stand,

    Sadly, this stand cant be used to trolley the BBQ long distance in the collapsed form. It would be simpler to carry both, and then assemble.

    It has wheels, and the BBQ can lock into position on the stand. This is so you can wheel it around your home. Ie you may store it behind a pot plant, but when entertaining wheel it out close to your outdoor table.

    To take it camping, you then simply unlock the BBQ from the stand, collapse the stand and pack them separately.

    For camping, you might also choose to leave the stand at home and pack a camping table to set it on instead. If your cars anything like mine, I have no spare space and prefer everything to be as useful as it can be. So taking a larger camp table, that I can use to sit my BBQ and then taking my BBQ down afterwards suits me best.

    Hope this helps. Let me know if you have anymore questions! :)

  • I have owned a Neo Buddy for at least 5yrs.

    Awesome BBQ still as strong as when first purchased.

    I purely wanted an cheaper alternative to a WeberQ but with similar quality when originally purchasing this.

    Stand/Trolley is not car portable - It is used purely to lift the BBQ to hard height as well as moving short distances.

    It is small enough to pack BBQ in car without stand and place on picnic table/etc.

  • Shipping from Tentworld to my address in Perth was $114.72
    For people in WA BBQ Bazaar has the same deal on this month:
    The shipping is $60 to metro area. Alternatively you can pick it up from their store.
    However, the best thing to do is go to Bunnings and get a 10% price beat and pick the buddy pack with stand and cover up for $206


      Hi Tarzan,

      Sorry, Perth freight is just so expensive we arent able to subsidise it. We're constantly working on improving it, but at the moment this is the best we can offer. This is our actual cost!! So I guess you may be able to understand why we cant offer you free freight.

      I am pleased you were able to find a local deal and I hope you enjoy using your new Neo Buddy.

      In regards to your Bunnings price match guarantee, and other price match guarantees regularly offered by huge, shareholder companies.

      Might I suggest that for your short term, small gain, you are really damaging your long term gain and overall better shopping experience.

      The problem is, if you do not reward the retailer who is offering the most competitive pricing then what is the purpose of offering such pricing?

      For example, if when we put this offer together we knew that all our customers would just take this pricing to Bunnings for a price match. Would we bother to post it here on Ozbargain? Would we bother to stock it at all?

      In this scenario, you would then be stuck having to pay significantly more at Bunnings.

      In addition to this, have you taken a moment to look at the range of accessories that Bunnings stock? As far as I can tell, Bunnings do not even stock the cover, let alone any of the other accessories.

      We stock all accessories for the Neo Buddy, though if we did not sell the BBQs we certainly wouldnt stock the accessories.

      Food for thought anyway!

      Merry Christmas & Happy New Year.