Vertical Freezer. 80-92L. Recommendations Please

Hi bargainers,

I want to buy a additional freezer to store bargains. Was thinking the Avita 82 Litre Freezer$199 @ Big w. Then I realize I just miss the offer early this month.

Any other recommendation on small freezer? Do u know if Big We will do $169 promotion again?

Thanks in advance



    bought the stand up 81L from Aldi few years ago when they cleared stock, I'd advise to look at proper chest freezer because they offer more storage. The standup has several separate smaller compartments with freezing coil under each so it greatly reduce the capacity of the freezer, especially when you have big items like whole chicken or ice-cream tub, the remaining space can hardly fit anything at all. Also the coil are more prone to have ice build up than the modern refrigetaror, I suppose these cheap units are more likely to use old technology. Chest freezer has the coil at the bottom only and more open space so its true capacity is much more bigger. But for under $100 at that time, I couldn't complain much.


    Thank you Igacb08,

    Thank you for your advise. I actually want a vertical one as I need more fexi access to frozen stuff. I found big w one has only 1.5 star energy rating and I am thinking a bout to get a better one , so will spend Around 200+ for it. Hopefully there is one with auto deforst function.

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    Masters have a fridge freezer, 82l for 199


      I ended up bought a small chest Freezer from Master around boxing day sale. was 199, I use the 10%off coupon and pay by big w 10% off gift card. knock a 20% off!


    Just seen an Aldi on (full price) 3.5 stars for $199. Thanking lgacb08 answer above, it might not be such a good idea. So, looking for a small tucker box type one. Let me know if you see any on sale or have any suggestions.

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