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Macquarie Black Card: 40,000 Qantas Points or 60,000 Macquarie Points after $3,000 Spend ($99 Annual Fee 1st Year)



Permanent resident of Australia
Good credit rating
Minimum taxable income of $50,000 per annum
Spend $3000 within 60 days of approval

$249/$299 ongoing annual fee after the first year but you can always cancel after first year.

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    better deal which has been extended to 18th Jan 2016

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    Max taxable income 50k? Wtf? U cant even survive on that much these days.

    • Minimum, not maximum

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        Proof that even illiterate hippies make too much money these days

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      Min not max. And a very large number of people have to survive on that.

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    I'm seeing this:

    Apply and be approved for the Macquarie Platinum Card with Qantas Rewards and you'll receive 40,000 bonus Qantas Points* when you spend $2,000 within 60 days of approval.

    PS: Jetstar does seem better

  • Additional features:- Card includes free travel insurance on travel purchases, and 0% pa balance transfer for 14 months from credit card approval.

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    While every bank has its quirks - be aware that currently with MacQ - to actually transfer money to your credit card - you have to do it as a BPay payment.

    This means that if you are at the register with no money on your card and you log in to the app and transfer between your MacQ account and the Credit Card - IT TAKES 1 BUSINESS DAY TO GET THERE! - so you'll be standing at the register for a LOOOONG time.

    FYI - They are changing this………….sometime soon……………….

    • But can't you do bpay online from another bank account, as long as you have the biller code?

      • Its very odd - there is only one option to pay into the CCard - BPay with a biller code to the ccard card number - and that takes 1x business day to transfer.

        Its like that the Credit Card is a different institution.

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      How often to you bump up to your credit limit AND don't have access to another card (presumably one for the account you're transferring from!) though?

  • Allegedly they have the absolute worst underlying technical systems in the business, with a hodge podge of cheapest bidder 3rd party vendors supplying different bits.

    Allegedly their website is awful with no unified system for their products and it's almost 2016 and still no android or ios native app.

    Just for giggles see what happens if you do a negative bpay….

    And the observation about the bpay being from someone else…. Macquarie are a second tier bank, perhaps they don't do their own clearing ;)

    • Well… I think they've upgraded since you've been with them.

      • That app is less than 30days old……

        I take your point though.

        Now they are only six years behind everyone else.

        Predictably the reviews are all terrible, it only has very limited functionality and it crashes all the time. At least it's consistent with the website.

        Edit: actually maybe that's last update. Rather than first release.

  • Difficult to get approval no matter how good your credit rating is. I wouldn't risk after getting rejected for the Woolworths one.

  • Its funny that even the staff don't like their own system when you talk to em.

  • The Black card is actually $70,000 minimum income. The platinum card is $50,000

  • Pretty good deal, might sign up in a few months if it's just available as I applied for the NAB card

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