Oz Bargain Christmas Items?

What do you think, If Ozbargain Made OB wrapping paper and xmas cards? would look great on prezzies and such, well perhaps for the community here, otherwise else where, you get asked whats ozbargain? sounds like a cheap brand!

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  • 3
    thats going onto my Xmas stuff" Ozbargain wrapping paper+ cards"
  • 4
    No thanks, looks cheap and ugly.
  • 7
    Ok more junk thats gonna collect dust, Cause its free.


  • ….

  • I would use it if it was free & free postage…

  • Butcher's paper is cheap and can use a marker pen to write recipients name or special message on outside of package. Tie it up with string or use sticky tape.

  • I would like to receive a gift wrapped that way. But I wouldn't give it.

  • It's not hard to create designs on Publisher and print the OzB logo on cardstock. It would be better if the all the high quality graphics of the logo with and without the orange background were made available in one place so people can make their own.

  • It would scream "I am a cheap ass and the present wrapped is most likely free samples I got from various sites that you probably don't need"