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30cm Kids Licensed Huffy Bike - $36.75 (Normally $79) @ Big W


Spotted and bought from Riverton, WA store today. Marked down to $49, but signs up and scanned at 25% off, making it $36.75! Cheap Christmas's present for Miss 3 :)

Ask the staff as stock may be out the back

Catalogue Link - $49 Bike
Catalogue Link - Page 27 (Further 25% off)

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    Big tip: If she cannot ride, remove the training wheels and pedals. Turns it into a balance bike and she will learn to balance properly. After learning to balance pedalling is easy.

    • Yeah we looked at balance bikes, and I thought at $49 stuff it get her a normal bike! Then scanned at $36.75 and felt pretty happy with that lol

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        Speaking with voice of experience balances bikes are a much better way for kids to learn how to ride. My first daughter basically rode her bike with training wheels on a lean and only learnt to balance properly when I removed the training wheels. After removing the training wheels I spent way to much time running behind her holding the seat.

        Her younger sister rode a balance bike for 6 months, swapped to her sister's old bike and was riding in 5 minutes.

    • Fantastic tip! I never learned how to ride. Go figure! :/

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    30cm Kids

    Good deal for dwarfs

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      Well you can't expect all 7 to share 1 bike now can you jv?

  • Was at Big W in Waverley Garden earlier. Diamondback and Huffy kids bikes are going with 25% discount.

  • We've got the Thomas one of these - be warned - terrible bikes. Ended up rusting outside in the yard.

    • Damn..I just bought one..can you please let me know a good bike for 3 year old boy..thanks

      • Like others have mentioned a quality balance bike to start with. We ended up going to a good cycle shop where they fitted our older child with a bike that can grow with her - on the downside cost us $250. On the upside she can use it for a good few years and actually get use out of it.

    • terrible bikes

      terrible how?

      • Kids found it hard to peddle - was quite stiff. You're getting what you pay for - quality bikes don't come cheap sadly.

  • Bikes still scanned at $49, they said it has already been discounted:(

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      At the register it will further discount down, pretty sure it was when they subtotaled the order

  • doesn't work @ Macquarie Centre North Ryde NSW. scanner shows up at $49 and got the supervisor but he wouldn't honour it despite showing him the catalogues. might be store specific ?

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      Yep scanner showed $49 but also said something about promotion. Till showed $49 until she subtotaled it I think (was at the end of the transaction)

      • Yep i just got denied by the manager too, but i went through the payment section anyway and the further 25% discount then applied automatically :)

        • Lol good :)

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