Seeking TVpad Alternatives

Okay, so as discussed on the other topic we seem to having issues with the TVpad and from correspondence floating around it seems that they will discontinue service of TVpad 1 - 3 as of 1st of January.

Now I'm seeking an alternative for my mother, TVpad 4 would be the obvious solution as she is already familiar with TVpad 3, however I really cannot be bothered chasing and changing DNS's so often. Also who knows how long it will remain working for.

I understand there's no certainty with these sort of things, however surely there can be better and less temperamental alternatives on the market, I've heard of moonbox and suntv, I'm wondering if anyone has experience with these and can give their review and recommendation.

My mother cannot use a computer or tablet etc, so I'm restricted to something that's simple to operate.

Main requirements is TVB and VOD streaming for Cantonese dramas.

I would also prefer to be able to buy from a retail shop in Melbourne, even at a price premium so there can be aftermarket support.


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    I have just purchased a H.TV 3, and have written a blog about this

    • in one of your cons (•No Menu within app, therefore don’t know what’s next when changing channels.)

      when viewing the app you can press the OK button, and usually it brings up a channel list

    • Interesting. Where did you buy it from, and price?

  • Archi - Thanks, I'll try pressing ok.
    Pumpkin_rrr - I purchased it in Sydney (Chinatown) for $270. I usually see it on Ebay for $299.

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