Region lock for Football Manager 2013 - can anyone please explain in detail what this means

Hey guys,

I found a shop where I can buy a Steam key for FM 13. It displays the following warning though:

Warning! This product is region locked and CAN be activated and played only in Brazil.

I have done some research on the internet and can only find information stating that it can only be activated in Brazil but played everywhere once activated. Now I am bit confused as to what s true.

If it only requires activation in Brazil then that is fine as that can be done via a VPN (any hints about a free VPN, preferably as add-on for Firefox, which does that is appreciated). But if I can only play it in Brazil then I won't buy the key as I am obviously not in Brazil.

Any info about this would be greatly appreciated.



    VPN to Brazil, activate and play. but i think it might get you banned in steam



    Where are you looking?



    Does it make a difference where I buy the key from?

    I am aware that some stores are more trustworthy than others but assuming I get a valid key with can I activate it via VPN and play it in Australia?

    The answer seems to be yes, with a proviso that Steam possibly has an issue with it although I doubt that a business model on geolocking is legal (certainly would be held illegal in Europe if challenged).


      I was looking to maybe give you cheaper options without stuffing around with VPNs



        Thanks. The price I got was $3 but will probably go with onlinekeystore as I think even if activated via VPN it can only be played if in Brazil or permanently using the VPN when playing this game.

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