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Kids Whiteboard Trestle Was $40 Now $5 @ OfficeWorks


These are instore only at OfficeWorks nationally. Bondi Junction had about 20 in stock.
As you can see from the photo, it's a wooden unit with holders for pens and storage beneath. Approx 5ft high.

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  • For a second, I thought this was a KFC deal by the looks of the profile pic, lol. Thanks OP.

    • Ha. Yes, seems to be improving my click through rate this avatar :)

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      If you show OfficeWorks this photo in another store they'll match it.

      • Usually only works with receipts, did you happen to buy one? great price if you're able to share your receipt.

        • No. From previous experience if you show a photo from another store they just call that store to confirm.

  • For a second I thought i said "Kids Wrestling Table"!

  • So cheap, it could even below their cost price.

    As a foreigner, everytime i see or hear people mention foot or inch, i need to google it into metre and centimetre, haha…:)

    • We use the metric system here too though. I've no idea why they put the measurement in the imperial scale.

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    I just went to Lewisham and they were $20. I showed them the photo, the cashier said earlier today someone else had come in showing the same photo and the manager sold one to him for $10.
    He called the manager over, a different one from earlier that day and he insisted on $20. I showed him the photo and he said they do not price match other Officeworks stores. The cashier then mentioned they sold one earlier for $10 and he agreed to let me have 2 for $10 each.

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      That customer was me :P

      I got the reduction thanks to showing them Chimichanga's photo and receipt as published in Ndagdbargain's thread.
      Initially they were only going to do it at $15 for me, but I said I'd rather they matched the $10 price, and mentioned it's only $5 at Bondi J.

      The Lewisham branch can sometimes seem a bit reluctant to price match - yesterday I just managed to persuade them to beat a Harvey Norman half-yearly clearance item (a 2TB portable HDD - the price match price was actually the same price Office Works had been selling the item for the day before!), but a couple of years ago I failed to get them to match a JB Hi-fi price on a phone.

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    Got one from Upper Mount Gravatt QLD for $5. Originally marked as $20. Mentioned the cheaper price at other officeworks. Guy serving me was reluctant at first but decided to do it in the end.

  • Checked Carnegie, $20 did not budge.

    • Went back to store today morning and it's $10… Still around 10 left when I posted this comment.

  • Marked 'Was $30, now $20' at O'Connor, WA.

  • just bought one for $15, but I am very happy with it.

  • Anyone know if they are available in Adelaide. Will ring around tomorrow but nothing on the website

    • It'd be great if you can let us know how you go with that.

  • got mine for $10 =)

  • could someone post the receipt or item code?

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