Raspberry Pi - Cheapest Place for Suitable Version?

Looking at replacing a current STC1000+ with a BrewPi setup for nerdy monitoring of fermentation temps of my homebrew..
Currently have an Arduino Uno, so apart from a few Jaycar and ebay bits I just need a Raspberry Pi..

Anyone know the cheapest source for one currently? Anyone built a BrewPi and know which version of the Raspberry Pi I need?
The application seems to essentially be just communicating via USB to an arduino and acting as a logger/webserver,

Looks like both element14 and rsonline are recommended suppliers from previous searches

RS Online has the following with free shipping and seems to be the cheapest with their free shipping?
Raspberry Pi B+ for $30.94ex
Raspberry Pi 2 B for $48ex


  • There is a new version (3) that has just been release AU$7

    • thanks, but no LAN port and not available anywhere puts a bit of a damper on that option (and im not sure if its supported by brewpi if there are hardware differences)

  • I purchased Pi 2 and a case from RS online a couple of months ago for a media center. I couldn't find it anywhere cheaper. :(
    Not sure that you would need the RaspberryPi 2 though.

  • +1

    Any Pi with USB and LAN (as you said above) will do.
    Just make sure you get the 2A power supply if you want to power the Arduino from the Pi.
    Research harder man, the ones they are using in their blog are Pi B and Pi B+.

    element14 is your best bet if you want something local.
    I recommend you to get the latest Pi, that is Pi 2 B.
    If you're on a budget, get the Pi B+.

    The hardware changes you'll be seeing is that the latest Pi has faster processor and larger RAM.

  • Thanks for the answers

    Grabbed a B+, power supply and case from RS Online.. $4 case and $8 2A/10W power supply were cheap add-ons (and easier than waiting for ebay)

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