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Avent Bottle Feeding Solutions Pack $159.99 @ Toys R Us (VIP Club Members)


you get the whole kit;
electric 3 in 1 steam sterilliser
electric bottle/baby food warmer
2 x 125ml feeding bottles
6 x 260ml feeding bottles
powdered milk dispenser
bottle/teat brush
2 x newborn soothers

Retail at $269.95, next cheapest is baby bunting for $200 http://www.babybunting.com.au/avent-bottle-feeding-solutions…

You need to be a member to receive this offer $159.99 from toys r us, but its free to join! Great bargain

Sale started today, I think these will run out quick!

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    This is a very good price.

    The only difference between this steriliser (Feeding Solutions Steriliser) and the next model up (Natural Solutions Steriliser) is that the model up comes with a dishwasher basket, has a slightly different switch on the front, and is grey rather than blue. I wish I brought this model, because the dishwasher basket doesn't justify the price difference.

    I can also confirm that this steriliser is fully compatible with other bottle brands too.
    We use Pigeon Bottles with this steriliser without any issue at all (we aren't a fan of the AVENT bottles).

      • Pretty much all the bad reviews are related to damage to the base plate because of scale.
        It needs to be cleaned frequently, because major build up may led to rust.

        If you don't clean it, it will fail quickly because of the way the product works.

    • Thanks for the detailed information.

      What is it you don't like about the Avent bottles?

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    I have this pack.

    The steriliser has been great we use it everyday, the heating plate does need to be cleaned every so often with citric acid or white vinegar, we try to wipe it down in between cleans and not leave water just sitting in it. If you are scared of discoloration or concerned with scale after reading those reviews then prob avoid looking in your kettle…

    We have the model with the dishwasher rack, however we've barely used it as we wash and sterilise the bottles every morning, but usually only run the dishwasher once every 2-3 days.

    The bottle warmer is brilliant, simple to use and so much better than boiling a jug in the middle of the night!

    Great price for this pack and in my experience the second hand market for these is pretty good too.

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      Yeah i love reading some reviews about how items appear dirty and it's like.. are all your other appliances spotless? How's that dryer going? How about your toilet cistern?

  • Be aware though that this is older pack which uses standard teats instead of newer natural teat

  • Btw i use microwave to heat the milk for 10 sec, is that bad??

    • Yes. You should heat it up by placing the bottle in a cup of boiling water. We use a thermos.

      Microwaving kills all the nutrients.

  • Sooo, Shipping for postcode 7250 = $9.99, then for 7249 (one street difference) = $27.00. Any ideas on how to get around this?

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