Screen Replacement Cost/Suggestions for LG G4 in Melb

Hey All…I forgot my phone was in my pocket whilst I decided to rehab an injured leg and skip…Yes I know, exercise was the mistake…

Anywho…my phone kinda face planted and for the first time in my phone owning life it didn't survive without crackage!

I know you can get DIY screens, though I'm not overly handy unless it's basic… any suggestions or guides on most cost effective way to fix in Melbourne?

I have seen a Glass screen replacement on eBay for $12 which I think is ok as the phone touch is working fine, just the cracks are annoying me even though they are off the screen area and around the edges. Online guides suggest it is a 10 minute fix.

Not in a position to pay $180+ that I've seen with some repair people (probably screen and touchpad), so any assistance I'd be gracious for! Given the screen is cheap I'd be wanting it done no more than a third of that price.

Cheers in advance!