Blue tooth and Reverse camera for Car (Swift 2013)

hello Team

I am after either a 2 DIN unit or even a Garmin type Car GPS which can do these functions but so far finding nothing that may work well. I am prepared to install a Car Stereo + Facia + Camera but not sure if the unbranded products will last.

The other option was buying a GPS unit that does these functions … i know its a hard one which many of you may have faced but any pointers are appreciated.



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    If you go for the double-din unit, don't get the Chinese ones on eBay, they'll just give you more headaches than it's worth!

    Wait for the next JB HiFi car stereo sale (usually 30% off), and go for whatever is in your budget.

    Honestly don't know why you need a reverse camera in these cars as they're a piece of cake to park!

    My recommendation would be:

    • Brand name USB/BT single-din headunit
    • Fascia Kit & Aerpro plug adapters
    • Use mobile phone for GPS
    • Scrap the reverse camera
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      I have them on my cars, but that's mainly to see if some neighbours kid has run behind it… And also for some reason people in my area seem to think that it's fine to walk behind a reversing car..

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        I appreciate they're useful on SUVs, utes, Commodores etc, but not on a small hatch with good visibility.

        Plus I'm sure you've at least learnt the distance you have behind you already, it's the safety side you're concerned about.

  • thankyou and agree, but i have a daughter who has just learnt to drive … already done some damage

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      Reverse sensors maybe, but sorry, she shouldn't be relying on technological aids to improve her driving.

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        The other day a 'p' plater almost wiped me out for she crossed onto the wrong side of the road to turn right. Then I went home and TV showed another 'p' plater running over and killing a guy as he was inspecting damage to his car from another accident.

        No amount of technology will compensate for shoddy driving skills and a lack of common sense methinks

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    How about just getting two devices that suit what you are wanting to achieve

    Wait til the sales are on then get a reversing camera from SCA - I have this installed in my car, super easy to do.

    For handsfree audio, how about an ANT unit or just a bluetooth headset?

    • Thanks this is what i will do, i got the blueant supertooth 3 for $8 off ebay !

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