Mamak Restaurant fined heaps

Anyone read about how they underpaid some staff as little as $11 per hour and got caught out by government?


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  • It's really nothing new that most, if not all, Chinese/Asian food and drinks premises underpay staff.

    85C got caught out underpaying staff some time ago.

  • Some years ago, Kayu in Melbourne was fined a humongous amount and soon after, they closed up! These buggers never learn, do they?

  • if gov really want to crack this thing, just do regular inspection/visit to EVERY food courts, not just asian and they will likely find several that are breaching the minimal wage/visa/cleanliness/food handling issues/staff under age/cash in hand, etc etc etc.

  • We all know that it's illegal to pay an employee below the minimum wage. However, is it illegal for an employee to ask an employer to pay them below the minimum wage?

      • Students desperate for a job. Willing to work for $11 an hour. It's mainly international students on scholarships

        • Ah right. Well the minimum wage is a floor, so even if you are willing to, you can't be hired for less than minimum wage. There's debate as to whether minimum wages cause unemployment, or the extent to which they do, but if someone is willing to work for $10/hour instead of $18 (or whatever it is) it should be their choice IMO.

        • @ilikeradiohead:

          Hmmm - their choice like when an employer says - here are the conditions take it or leave it, or when they suddenly drop your wages to whatever they feel like dropping them to?

          Each to their own i suppose and it's certainly not an issue that causes me any problems at this stage of my career but i would hate for us to have a well below the poverty line minimum wage so you get the working desperately poor like they have in so many other countries.

          Just my 2c

  • So basically they got fined an amount equivalent to the 30 minutes earning of one of their restaurant ?

    • they would not be netting that much in 30 minutes
      maximum a place would hold is around 150 seats?

      average 30-40 bucks per person

      how many turns do you think they would be doing an hour?…..
      lets be generous and say 4x150=600
      600x40 = 24000 NET per hour

      no where close to 89k mark

  • Not surprised. My mate who used to work at Mamak and then at Chatime was also underpaid, something like less than 15 dollars per hour.

  • So $11 of untaxed income or $18 of taxed income @ 47% for those international students.. hmm.. (or so I was told)…

    • International students are residents for tax purposes.

    • Do you have information that the worker's weren't paying tax? I didn't see anything in the article.
      At the minimum wage (between $19k - $37k/year) the marginal tax rate is 19% so it is more like $11/hour 'untaxed' vs $18/hour*0.81 = $14.58.
      Not to mention that is only on each marginal hour after they've worked ~ 20 hours. Less than that and it would be $11 'untaxed' vs $18 actually untaxed.

  • "fined heaps"

    lol, journalism student?