Best Dry Dog Food Readily Available in Australia

Hello everyone, what do people think is the best dry dog food readily available in Australia?
I realize no one dog food will suit every dog however I am curious to see what the community thinks.
The question is only based on dry dog food and not whether you agree or disagree e.g raw foods are better etc.
This is mostly based on quality.


  • Advance, Eukanuba and Hill Science Diet.

    Source: GF is a vet.

    • How much training did she get in pet nutrition during her veterinary course? Did it involve a pleasant tour of a Eukanuba manufacturing facilities?

  • I have been feeding my dogs kibble from the American brand Wellness. The pro of this brand is that the main ingredient is the chicken meal (or whatever type of flavour you pick) - which is meat. Supermarket brands and some available at the vets have grains listed as the first ingredient as it is cheaper to produce.

    Wellness is quite a bit more expensive than the supermarket brands and is available at big pet stores such as Pet Barn. For my prior dogs, they were fed dry food from Supercoat (supermarket) and they lived up to 18 years. At the end of the day not sure what difference the more expensive brand will make, but if I can afford it, I may as well try to feed my current dogs the better food.

  • Thanks for that, I have been feeding mine mainly Supercoat and My Dog and they are fine however as they are smaller dogs, I can justify spending more on them if it is worth it. Supercoat get terrible reviews so I was thinking of gradually introducing a new brand. Interestingly Advance gets a low review on


    • That website is very good and has helped so many pets overcome skin conditions, weight problems, and overall health. My friends staffy had awful skin complaints for years and switching to a recommended food on that website (Ivory Coat) and the condition cleared up, he lost excess weight, and became a new dog. I fed my cat hills - same thing, changed to Canidae and he had a new lease of life

  • Black Hawk - Australian made, a number of different varieties including grain free varieties if this is something you are interested in; also cater to different sized breeds.

    I alternate mine with Supercoat, Optimum (both "premium" supermarket brands)and Black hawk when i can afford it (ie when I can find a good special).

    They've always had really shiny glossy coats and being labradors, are never going to turn their noses up at anything called food (and usually not at things that are not called food too!) I've noticed they poop a hell of a lot more on Supercoat than Black Hawk. Don't need to feed as much Black Hawk either so even though it is expensive per bag, it is economical in the sense of how long it lasts.

    • Yes I have noticed it gets good reviews, I think I might try it as the last time I called Costco ( last week ) they told me it costs $57 for 18kg bag which is reasonable at $3.17kg for a 4 star product.

      • Cheap when I'm considering I bought Eukanuba at $55 for a $7.5 bag here and it shows poor reviews apparently. ( I didn't research enough beforehand.

        My dog took a while to get used to it but all good so far, she is healthy and solid. Noticed her poop is alot less compared to Purina

  • Black Hawk. Recommended to us by lots of vets and breeders. The Fish and Potato variety has been a hit with my two dogs and they're both very healthy.

  • taste of the wild salmon grain free


    Fed my dog who has stomach issues (runny poo with most food brands) grain free duck dry food by Blue Buffalo in Canada. Not available here and after trying many different ones, VIP grain free dog food is the most affordable dry dog food that works for her. It's found in Coles and Woolworths so I don't have to make a special trip anywhere. Also love that it's Australian made. I also use their brand of dry cat food for my cat.
    I did use Costco's grain free dog food for a while. It is really affordable and ingredients looked good but the nearest Costco is 1 hour away from me so it just wasn't convenient anymore. :(

  • We switched from Supercoat to CopRice. CopRice is Australian made and owned and good value for money. Appears based on my limited knowledge of pet foods to be a reasonably priced good quality product. If you're in Vic we get it from a place in Lynbrook.

  • +1 Black Hawk. My Shar Pei's coat tends to thin out on most brands but the Black Hawk has improved it significantly. Plus I like that it's Australian made.

  • We use science diet for our dog and cats. All are very healthy with very shiny coats. Picked up an alternative brand for the dog at Coatco once. Think it was Purina or Advance and straight away she had more gas and bad breath. Straight back to science diet and no issues since. Can't comment on the other brands as haven't tried them.

  • I'd say Blackhawk too.

    Be careful feeding any pet dry food. My cat turned diabetic after 5 years on $68 bag hills sciece diet. Too high carb. Cat is on low carb diet now, no more dry food ever.

    Not even game to give my dog dry food, even though dogs don't get reversible diabetes like cats do.


    Royal Canin, breed specific, (German Shepherd).
    Recommend by my vet(s).
    Keeps him fit and health.
    I also supplement it with fresh roo meat.

    • Vets don't get nutritional training, they get paid a commission for recommending certain brands.

  • Black Hawk- fish & potato if your dog isn't overweight, or they also do a lite one if he/she is. Advance when it comes on special. For our large dog ( 111cms. tall StagHound) Black Hawk again Chicken & Rice for large dogs - also mixed with Bison &Venison biscuit from Natures Choice.
    All purchased from Pet Circle, who are the cheapest by far for quality dry food.
    Two vets we use have recommended NOT to buy the supermarket brands or even Eukaneba as the content is poor quality.
    As we have had 5 dogs live to between 14/15 years ( & 3 of these were Great Danes ) the food quality must be a good indicator.