Where to replace smashed iPhone 5 Screen in Sydney North or Sydney?

Hi guys,

I believe give and take. Need your help,

Wife has her iPhone 5C screen smashed. Murphy's law - have just asked her to buy a new case yesterday and it happened today.
Been reading the past threads and search under Scoopon/COTD/Groupon but no deal is on.
She got quote $120 today in a shop in Hornsby, expect double for Apple Store.
Self repair kit is $80.
So ready to pay between $80 to $120 for a trustworthy shop.
Where did you go - how much for screen fix - will travel. Thanks.


  • they are extremely easy to repair yourself.

    I've fixed 6 5c's (pretty much the same)

    check out this ifixit guide for repair

    and buy the screen/digitiser off ebay for $66.66

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      thanks you are my friend. will have a look.

      still thinking about getting shopto fix - if $36+ with warranty, no headache and complaint from wife.

  • Have a mate in the office with the same problem. Please share. Cbd location is good.

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    I've used Fone Fix before, they have a store at Bondi Junction and the CBD. Didn't manage to get my phone fixed but not for the lack of trying. They replaced the screen and even sent it to their CBD store to get the software looked at but it just wouldn't work. I may have accidentally done something to the mobo when I opened it up.

    Service was great and they didn't charge me anything because they weren't able to fix it.

  • I used a happytel in my local shopping centre (they have several locations in Sydney). I paid $120 for my 5s and then smashed it again one month later (yes I have since ordered a proper phone case). I need to get it fixed again but refuse to pay $120 all over again (this is the price quoted by 4-5 booths in several shopping centres) but don't think I have a choice. Happytel warranty doesnt cover squat and they have 'generously' offered to do it for $110.

    Any other recommendations for sydney?

  • I know apple does the repair and they start from $150 depending on any frame damage.

    • Only $270+ for a 5s screen repair and an hour turnaround In Apple Store.

      • The price I stated was quoted to me yesterday for a 5s and 5.

        As I also mentioned they said depending on the bezzel damage too.
        My wifes 5s fell flat as a tack screen down and no subsequent damage to bezzel which was pointed out to me that it would cost 150 min.

        • good deal if $150 only. check this to see if you are entitled to a "new" phone as well.