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CashRewards Question

Is there anyway around using the direct link from cashrewards to get the cashback, as alternative links provide me with a better saving by using a discount code.
Any help or input would be appreciated.

My booking

Cashrewards Agoda Link

Hotel Cost Total AUD $4,188.60
CashRewards 5% Agoda Cashback -$209.43

New Hotel Total AUD $3979.17

Agoda Chinese New Year Promotion Link
8% off discount code: MONKEY2016

Hotel Cost Total AUD $4,188.60
8% Promotion Discount AUD -$274.67
Cashrewards 5% Agoda Cashback -$195.65

New Hotel Total AUD $3718.28

Saving AUD $260.89

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  • Could i simply copy the CID=1742901 to replace it over the CID=1497421? Noob at this.

  • can you not use the CR link and add the code MONKEY2016 in the promo code box?

    • No you cant use the code on CR link, that was the first thing i tried :(

  • If you use a coupon code that is not listed on this site, rewards may not be payable

  • anyone notice the conversion rate on cashrewards is much lower than google rate? like 10%+ difference?

    might be better to use a cashback site that use USD when spending USD

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