Where can I buy one of those silicon earbud case things for the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge?

Here's a pic

I tried everywhere but didn't find anything. Please help!



    what are you looking for please be clear? earphone? earphone case? why specifically says s6 edge? can this be used on other phone?
    try ebay..


      Yeah sorry it can be used for other phones but came with the edge. In the picture the silicon protective case for the right earbud is missing so I was wondering where I can find a replacement. I don't need a new set of earphones. Sorry for being unclear.


    They're called Samsung In-Ear Fit earphones.

    Here are some from eBay shipped from France.

    They're available directly from Samsungs New Zealand store but for some reason don't seem to be available through their Aus store. If you know someone in NZ you could get them to send them across for you.


    Ok how about trying the Samsung "Experience" store in Melbourne (As that is what your profile says you are)


    I have some here in Sydney and can ship for you if you are interested.

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