Paper Shredder

I am wanting to buy paper shredder for home use please


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    get a cross cut not strip cut, otherwise you're just making spaghetti…

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    Thankyou nocure and bdl much appreciated

  • If you can find stock, I have this one and although small, it is still going after 3 years of casual shredding. Cross cut is definitely more secure.…

    • Hi sparkyglo
      Thankyou but have contacted most office works in melbourne
      but unfortunately no stock left.

  • Aldi had one

    • Hi How long ago did Aldi have one please

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    build a fireplace at home.
    Problem solved

  • Following this too - just returned a piece of c$@* one to officeworks (the Lowell S289)

    Looking for something with a long warranty, 16+L bin plus minimum 10 pages at a time - if anyone has any ideas I'd love to hear :)

  • This is about the best you'll get for under $100

    Electric Home Office 22L Cross Cut Shredder - Shreds 10 A4 Paper sheets and Credit Card/CD's

    From K.G Electronics, Melbourne on EBAY for 79.99, free delivery.

    Made by LENOXX….works OK!

    • Thankyou Marble250 have ordered this from ebay

      • No problem! but a word to the wise….don't even think of trying 10 sheets of say, ink-jet-printer weight paper. About four is what all such machines can handle. Only industrial machines can handle the 10 sheet capacity that most of these "home machines" (generally) advertise….paper would have to be extremely light!

        But if you use as per manufacturers recommendations and don't use the "reverse" before you clean (clear) the cutting head, it should work OK for light stuff.

        I've had mine for a month and filled five large garbage bags without a problem!

        If you have a problem within the first 14 days (after the EBAY sale date), you can get a free replacement unit from Lennoxx, or KG Electronics in Melbourne.

        Good luck!

        • Hi Marble250 - i just got recommended this shredder on my own forum post about shredders. Do you know the on time to off time required? I was looking at some of the officeworks ones which have 4 minutes on then 30 minutes off time to cool down:


          Wondering how this Lennoxx compares? And have you tried OW's shredders or any other brands before for personal home shredders? And you'd still recommend this ebay Lennoxx one?

        • Would also like to know if this is all ok to shred docs that have paperclips/staples still on them and so forth? And do you get 5 sheets together easily? Always can shred one at a time i guess ;)

        • Hi, sorry delay in reply, been away!

          Time on or off: would depend on speed of insertions and thickness of paper…I do my shredding slowly (while watching TV or something) to extend use time, thus avoiding the accumulated "heat" which will cause the protective "time out" switch to engage. Time-out seems to be from 5 to 10 minutes.

          NO! to paper clips!….I have shredded with staples, but to save a potential problem, just tear (or scissor)off the corner with staples.

          To be honest although you can shred 4 or 5 sheets at a time - I shred 2 or 3 to extend use-time and avoid the dreaded "time out"….you can tell if the machine is labouring by the noise it's making!

          One more tip… wait until the "cross shredding' of the sheets is complete, before inserting additional sheets.

          But that's about the extent of my knowledge on this machine, I would say that if you treat the shredding as an ancillary job rather than dedicating a block of time to it, you'll still get the job done, but without those time-outs.

          Hope this helps!

        • @Marble250:

          THanks for your feedback! no worries - you weren't away long to respond to my message :) Have you used other shredders like the "Fellowes" brand that OW sells? I'm assuming if you have then this Lenoxx one must be decent. I've never had a shredder, so I can't speak for comparisons. Pity it can't do staples like my old office/corporate ones, but I guess that's what you get for something below $100 haha. I assume based ont he dimensions available online it is generally pretty compact i.e. a small dustbin size on the floor?

          May i ask - how fine is the cross shredding? Reasonably fine that no one without years on their hands could piece together a busy statement?

  • Naa this is not an "industrial type" which I guess we've all used in business….when these units are big and robust (and not yours as a rule!) you put everything in staples, paper clips etc.

    I haven't used Fellows which I viewed in my search for a simple, cheap unit to do a job I had ….and which led to the Lennoxx purchase.

    I did have a simple domestic shredder years ago, which I stuffed in a few weeks. That is why I have been careful with this one. Can't remember the brand but it wasn't a "cross shredder" and wasn't as powerful as the Lennoxx

    Shredding with the Lenoxx, is quite fine, unless you have the CIA on your tail with plenty of time on their hands …. looks like about 1.8 CMs.

    The shredder bin is 22 litres, but must be emptied when about half full.

  • Thanks for the recommendation for the Lennoxx. With the 20% eBay coupon works out to be $64 + cashback!

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