AGL and Gemina Gas Connection Woes

Have been doing a major renovation with the neighbour.
The builder put in a request for the Gas connection (which I wasn't that interested in, but council insisted on) back in June 2015. Eventually it was decided by the supplier (Gemina) that a Path valve and fitting line was needed and appropriate paperwork forwarded by a licence plumber when this was completed. This was done and forwarded in November 2015. They said one was not required on my side. About 10 of them came over unannounced one day and did some work, but didn't liaise with the builder.
In December the builder finally managed to get someone to speak to who said a leak certificate was needed, even though it had been forwarded before. They eventually found the said certificate, but said nothing could be done until the new year, being it was December.
In the new year it was chased up again, only for them to say they needed a leak certificate!
I contacted the Ombudsman and filed a complaint. Gemina told them they needed a path valve and that the neighbour was connected - which wasn't correct.
The builder then contacted them again and was told that a path valve wasn't needed.
A couple of weeks passed and one of the Gemina people came for an inspection saying that a path valve was needed!
We still haven't been contacted by either Gemina or AGL to explain why this is taking so long or give a date for this to be finished.
The renovations have long been completed, but we still don't have hot water or gas for the oven.
I don't know what other steps to take - would anyone have any suggestions?



    TL;DR Did you mean Jemena instead of Gemina?:)


    Energy providers suck, I was with Energy Australia which had a woeful billing system causing me to move to AGL… which is turning out to be just as bad.

    Over the space of 3 months I've contacted AGL 5 times regarding my billing. I signed up online for monthly billing for Electricity and Gas - simple right? Noooo, they had me on quarterly billing for both. After calling and emailing them 3 times, they switched over my Electricity to monthly, but left my Gas quarterly. Even after telling 3 separate call center staff that having my Electricity monthly and Gas quarterly makes no sense, they still imply it's my fault! To add, they estimated my bills instead of taking my manual meter reads, which I also alerted them to! So now I'm going to cop a massive bill at a higher tariff charge for that month they 'corrected' my bill.

    As I'm on direct debit I shouldn't even have to worry about what/where/when a bill comes in, my part should be as simple as ensuring enough money is in the account to pay.

    Utilities never should have been privatised. Even the most basic of people know that to win Monopoly you buy the utilities first, this government seems to focus more on Snakes and Ladders and the occasional Cluedo tactics.


      We're experiencing the same issue with AGL. It's been 5 months and still no resolution on incorrect meter readings.
      Are you still with AGL? Did it get any better?


        Just call them and get through to a resolution manager. This is speaking from experience after about 6 times calling them before letting me speak to someone that could actually do something about the problem they made.

        Their explanation in the end kind of sucked and they gave no real remuneration for the amount of times I called up (a few $20 credits, which in reality were only credits to bring the bill into alignment).

        The reads are now correct, but that's from me manually calculating what the correct readings should have been and telling them exactly what I should be charged. Talk about telling someone how to do their job - it was the only way to get it into the Neanderthals on the other end of the phone.

        Still with AGL as they have the best rates at the moment. However I will be reviewing this the next time providers change their energy prices, which I believe is on a yearly cycle. It's free to jump - so no loyalty bonus there.


          I've spoken to their resolutions team about 5 times and was eventually escalated to a resolution manager . However, still now resolution. I might consider getting in touch with the ACCC soon.

          Wow. Talk about AGL doing their job. I did ask AGL if i could do the same thing and they pretty rejected my idea.

          Thank for the reply. Let me know how things go if you jump to another provider. I may follow suit.


          I came from energy Australia to AGL. Next consideration may be origin, this is for SA - NSW/Vic etc will have different rates hence making different overall costs for each provider.


    Lucky it is summer re no hot water..Collect take away receipts and forward to the company.
    You have already reported with the ombudsman so nothing I could think more than that.
    The guys from Gemina do that everyday so unsure if they would make a mistake esp ombudsman is on the case.


      Yes, I will be making a compensation claim, don't know how far I will get, but at least it will tie them up a bit.
      All I want is an explanation and some sort of date - don't know why it is so hard

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