Help Finding SOFT PLUSH TOY (FINNY) from Movie (Oops, Ark has Gone)

Hi fellow OzBargainers :)

I need help.

My 2 year old daughter is obsessed with this movie and she would LOVE a soft plush toy Called (Finny).
The animated movie has several titles (Oops, The Ark has Gone) is more common.

I can only find 1 place that had that Toy @ Amazon UK.…

But of course they don't freakin ship this item to Australia!?!

I emailed the seller and they won't ship it here, I left a message on Facebook for one of the companies that made the movie asking if there is somewhere to buy these plush toy, NO help as well.

Can someone PLEASE find me a reasonable and affordable option?

I know there are freight forwarders but this might end up costing me heaps!

I really hope someone could help :)

Thank you!


  • Might need to use a drop-shipper on that Amazon one

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    It's a bit late to enter this but maybe you could ask them to find out where they got their plush prizes from?…

    It looks like the supplier that's on Amazon has their own store but it only ships to a handful of countries in Europe and the UK. If you know someone there they could always send it to you? The site is

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    I sew plush toys and I would be happy to attempt this one if you pay postage for me to send it to you or pick-up from me (Inner West in Sydney) :) It probably wouldn't be as exact a replica as the Amazon version and might take a couple of weeks but it would probably also be higher quality and softer! Feel free to message me if you like, I need a new sewing project!!!

  • Hi,
    Sorry for the late reply, had a family matter that has kept me away.
    Woow, that would be an awesome gift!!
    I'm happy to pay you for it and pick up myself.
    What do you need me to do?
    Any chance you can put her nam on it (Eliza).
    Thank you 😆

    • I've just seen this now, didn't get a notification! :o PMing you!

    • Just tried to message you and can't. Could you send me a message so we can discuss? I am totally happy to do this for you still! Just need to know a few details on what size you want it to be etc :)

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