AmEx Platinum Virgin Free Return Flights Redemption


I have this card and try to redeem my free annual return flight, how do I do it? I try to find out more from both AMEX and Virgin website but getting nowhere.


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    You have to call up Amex and talk to somebody.

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    Call Virgin Australia travel services

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      Thanks, I thought I can do it online with having to call them.

  • Call the telephone number on the back of your card and follow the prompts.

  • Advertise it I classifieds. Know the booking deadline and the cities available, esp thos from Perth. You must book. Ensure you know restrictions and procedures.

  • sell it at ebay faster and safer

  • considering that one will get you a return ticket from Sydney to most Aust destinations or NZ (including Queenstown) what would be a reasonable 'bargain'price? Am I right in thinking that it can be booked up to approx the anniversary of membership (actually I read that you have an extra 2 weeks but that is cutting it fine), and then can book maybe 9 months ahead?

  • I live in Sydney and so do I have to book a flight originating in Sydney?

    • You dont have to book from sydney

      You can book from anywhere

      • WOW! Thanks Wt. That makes it even more valuable!

        • as long its available of course

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    peck and others, this is all becoming too silly for words. The Platinum Reserve Credit Card is no longer available for new applications, and has not been for quite some time. When it was available, the income required was 65k or 55k for Amex staff, and it was a stand alone Platinum Credit Card option.The Charge Card income requirement was /is 100k, and previously was invitation only. There are a lot of people with Platinum Reserve Credit Cards, and I am one of the foundation members. The simple answer to the OP's question is to call the phone number on the back of his card, and follow the prompts. See my previous comment which is being ignored by the fantasy brigade. I am a former Amex staff member. You cannot redeem a free flight and then sell it on ebay as the voucher has your name on it, same for the hotel booking. The forum is being hijacked by lunatics.

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