LG G4 Bought from Sep Sale DEAD

My G4 was bought from QD while the Sep eBay sale was on.
This morning my G4 suddenly froze and after 2 seconds shut itself down while I was texting. It doesn't turn on anymore other than showing me the boot logo.

After reading about the bootloop issue on the internet many have said it appears after about 5 or 6 months of use, which is quite damn accurate in my case. I hope other ozbargainers that bought from the sale backup regularly.

Hopefully QD is helpful when it comes to warranty…
One day left for me to open a PayPal dispute though (180 days), not sure if I should do that?

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    Yes, open dispute
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    No, don't open dispute


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    i say open the dispute, you can always cancel it at a later stage


    I bought a phone from them sent it in for Warranty and apparently it was my fault and had to pay for the repair + return shipping. Apart from that it took 3 months for them to get it back to me.

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    Common issue with LG G4's manufactured before September 2015.

    QD should repair or exchange free of charge.

    I would also contact LG Australia, they may repair the phone free of charge since it's a GLOBAL issue.



    How do you contact QD for warranty claim? My LG G3 has some display panel touch issue (cannot type some characters). I have sent them messages for a few times using ebay message, but no reply at all from them. I can't raise Paypal dispute since its beyond 180 days. I can't find other way to contact them.


    Bootloop problem here as well…. I'll find out this week how good the experience of grey imports are with Ruslan.
    I'm also gonna contact LG as well.