LG G4 Bought from Sep Sale DEAD

My G4 was bought from QD while the Sep eBay sale was on.
This morning my G4 suddenly froze and after 2 seconds shut itself down while I was texting. It doesn't turn on anymore other than showing me the boot logo.

After reading about the bootloop issue on the internet many have said it appears after about 5 or 6 months of use, which is quite damn accurate in my case. I hope other ozbargainers that bought from the sale backup regularly.

Hopefully QD is helpful when it comes to warranty…
One day left for me to open a PayPal dispute though (180 days), not sure if I should do that?

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    Yes, open dispute
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    No, don't open dispute


  • i say open the dispute, you can always cancel it at a later stage


    I bought a phone from them sent it in for Warranty and apparently it was my fault and had to pay for the repair + return shipping. Apart from that it took 3 months for them to get it back to me.

  • Common issue with LG G4's manufactured before September 2015.

    QD should repair or exchange free of charge.

    I would also contact LG Australia, they may repair the phone free of charge since it's a GLOBAL issue.


  • How do you contact QD for warranty claim? My LG G3 has some display panel touch issue (cannot type some characters). I have sent them messages for a few times using ebay message, but no reply at all from them. I can't raise Paypal dispute since its beyond 180 days. I can't find other way to contact them.

  • Bootloop problem here as well…. I'll find out this week how good the experience of grey imports are with Ruslan.
    I'm also gonna contact LG as well.