Cheapest Way/Site/Time to Book a Cruise

My brother in law will be getting married on a particular Princess cruise in September 2017.
Looking to find out:
-When is the best time of year to look at booking?
-What website to book through for the cheapest/best deal?
-Any other tips?

Thanks guys


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    I used ozcruising and they were very cheap.
    I think ecruising currently has a spend $500 get $100 off Amex deal.

    Booking last minute (within a few weeks) seems to be the best bet in my limited experience although may be different for something like princess cruises where the clientele are old and get anxious if plans aren't made 42639295 days in advance

    • Thanks Hoju, I'll check them out.
      I'm usually very much get the last minute deal too bit considering we HAVE to be on this cruise or potentially miss the wedding makes me want to lock it in sooner rather than later.

    • Where is the ecruising amex deal??

      • It's not on ozbargain, it just appeared in my Amex

        Spend $500 or more, get $100 back
        Register by saving offer to Card, spend $500 or more in one or more transactions, online at Ecruising by 16/5/2016 to receive one $100 credit. Limited to first 12,000 Cards to register. Payments via multiple cards excluded.

  • Buy flight centre gift cards at Woolworths and get the discount and book via cruisesabout