Quitting Smoking: Ex-Smokers of OzBargain, How Did You Do It?

I've been smoking regularly since the middle of November last year when I ended up in rehab. Before that, I barely smoked a pack every three months, and I would only smoke when stressed or at parties. My ciggies always went stale because I could never finish them within a reasonable timeframe. In rehab I punched a pack of darts a day, and when I left I dropped to about half a pack a day. At the beginning of this year I managed to quit for eight days, and there have been a few subsequent attempts (the most recent being four days ago), but I cannot seem to last more than four days. At 3am I caved in to my cravings, drove out to 7-Eleven and bought a pack of overpriced Dunhills and proceeded to smoke two. I felt terrible afterwards, and made another searching and fearless moral inventory of myself. I am powerless over tobacco, just like I am with alcohol. But I still genuinely enjoy the taste of good cigarettes, and I think that is my problem.

I smoked Benson & Hedges and Dunhills exclusively and cost hasn't been a great barrier for me. I've identified some personal reasons for quitting (for two kids that I love and love me back (not my kids, I don't have children yet!), for my own health, for sport, etc) but they just don't seem to be good enough to stop me from acting on my cravings. This time though, I feel ready to give them up for good.

How did you guys do it? Can you suggest anything that may help me?

Edit: I clarified in my edit that the two kids aren't mine. They are the kids of a close friend who is also in recovery. I do love them like my own kids though.


  • You are on right path, having the will to quit is half battle won. Quitting is one game every one who plays will win to some degree
    I was smoker for 15 years , before quitting 6 years ago. I was smoking about 20-25 sticks a day

    I started with champix and finished 3 months course , which really helped me to start with, but just when i started to give in , a friend recommended me VIPASSANA meditation in blue mountains ( Its free and no religious beliefs attached to it) , that really helped me to kick off booze and smokes and I been clean for lat 6 years

    Hope this helps you

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    nicotine spray
    worked for me
    whenever get craving, just use the spray.
    at start, was using alot of spray, now only at mornings and after food etc
    patches did not do any good

    • Patches made my skin itch. The Nicorette QuickMist spray has helped me heaps! It's helped so much more than the inhalator and the gum.

  • Got really drunk and smoked heaps.
    The next morning I wanted a smoke and my lungs were on fire from smoking too much the night before. I knew the first smoke would taste terrible, that I didn't smoke that day.
    Then 1 day became 2, and I kept thinking the minute I have another smoke, it won't taste good, the first smoke always tastes terrible when I tried quitting before, so I quit.
    Sometimes I still feel like a smoke, but I know it wont taste good like I remember, the first smoke is always shit.

    So I quit by accident.

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    moving to queensland helped me to quit. Had to go out of the cool office ac to hot road side to smoke which i hated most.

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    Quitting is the best bargain of all time…think of all the money saved !!

  • Not sure if it's the same for others but when I went back on a pack a month ago after 4 years off it, I actually enjoyed the light headed highs from the deep puffs, seated in the garden with a cup of hot tea.

    When I reminiscent that moment, it is when I'm most vulnerable to succumb to the cravings. That nice deep puff that gives the light headedness

  • I quit December 31 2010. it was my NYE resolution.
    An ex smoker once told me to carry a box of tic tacs instead of a packet of smokes. Each time I felt like lighting up to eat a tic tac. That's what I did. I ate so many tic tacs, eating onne more would made me sick. Eventually I stopped the cravings as I felt sick in my stomach with so much minty flavour.
    Hope it works for you.

  • How is your progress going?

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      I'm back in rehab after being very close to relapse. I stayed off the smokes for about 10 days, now I've had about one or two a day in rehab. They've stopped being tasty and every ciggie I smoke makes me question myself. I'm using NRT more than the ciggies which is good I guess.

      • Great! So amazing you recognised your weakness. I wish you all the best.
        You inspire me to help me with my own addiction.

  • Better late than never…
    How are you going?
    I saw this a while ago and thought it was one of the best things I have ever had the privilege to see.
    Hope you agree.

    • Hey man, I've just come out of hospital. I'm two days smoke free, this time with the help of patches and the Nicorette spray. It feels different this time, I'm not craving as much.

  • Can you reattach nicotine patches with micropore if they fall off through sweat or showering? I've read conflicting things on the Internet.

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