Online Beauty Box Subscription Offers


Does anyone subscribe to an online beauty box club? There is so many and I'm thinking about giving it ago. Do you have any suggestions? Are there any I should avoid?

Thanks :).


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    I tried Bellabox for one month as you can get it for $10 for the first month. At that price it was acceptable but I certainly would have felt ripped off if I had paid full price ($17.95). Based on that first box, I decided not to continue with it, and that spending the $18 on products I choose myself would be better value.

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    I have tried Mirinesse VIP, which is $25 monthly. Every second month they send you a box of products, plus postage for any of your orders is free, if you are a VIP member. They also give $25 vouchers, which are valid for one year from date of issue. There is a minimum spend of $65 to use them, though. It is possible to pause the membership but not lose the vouchers if you then re-join.

    All of the reviews are positive, on their site. I have since read, on the Google plus review site, that no negative reviews are allowed to be posted on the Mirinesse website.

    I have found some of the products to be very good indeed, but others have not impressed me at all. I also think that the products themselves are way over priced. I have purchased a few things and have been unimpressed with the size, considering the price level.

    One thing they do very well, is the packaging. However, you can't wear pretty packaging.

    I would not recommend that you join their VIP members scheme.

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    I've tried Bellabox too and didn't like it. The products were very cheap (e.g. Received a $2 nail polish and those sample foil packets) and just not really my type of products. I've switched to The Parcel which is $25 each season and the products are very high end (e.g. OPI nail polish and Elizabeth Arden deluxe samples.

    There's plenty of bloggers who review all the different boxes. Best bet is to look at some of those and suss out which box has the products you nose want to try.

  • what about natural products? Is anyone into that or has anyone tried a monthly subscription box for that?

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    Birchbox was pretty great. Samples are sent each month and you can then purchase the regular sizes if you would like. Various hair and beauty products were included in the box.