Choosing Cardio Boxing Gloves For Class

Please help to select pair of Boxing Gloves.

Currently using something like this.

Find not enough padding or protection around the thumb as well as punching.
Are these good for punching bags only and not good for really boxing with partners?

What would you recommend and where to get?



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    I personally hate boxing gloves because I can't clench a fist properly while wearing them. The pair you linked looks fine. If you have problems with it, it'll be due to your form, not the gloves.

    You shouldn't need protection for your thumb as it's not involved at all in punches. You also shouldn't need protection when hitting bags because… well, they're soft. The only problem you might have is injuring your wrist, which again comes down to your form.

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    Depends what you're hitting, if it's a heavy bag you need decent padding to protect your knuckles & wrists…any time you're slugging a heavy, immobile object (this includes sparring partners) that impact will transfer to your joints…if it's just shadow boxing then you obviously don't need much.

    As noted, technique is still important, but once that is sorted, if you find you're hitting heavier than you thought, maybe consider tape/wrist wraps for added security.

    I pretty much just use 16oz gloves for everything standup related nowadays, it got too hard to find decent bag mitts; and trust me, if you're sparring you don't wanna hit/be hit with anything less in training.

    • Cardio Boxing - have a partner who wears boxing pads. Swap between gloves and pads.

      Already have boxing wrist wrap with padding on knuckles.

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        I'm with you now.

        TBH, looking at the ones you've linked to, I'd be concerned about stability given the mesh on the palm…I'd still be leaning towards standard 16oz gloves for the solidity of the fit. Padwork still requires good technique & hand protection.

    • Do you see any difference between the one I have and this one is referred as bag gloves. and the other a proper boxing gloves. anywhere else can be nicer and better price than Rebel?!

      • I would much prefer those, over the first option.

        That said, check out ebay, some of the Muay Thai stuff is great value for money! :)

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        • @eatwell365: No prob, I hope it goes well for you…tuck in a few cheap shots for me too! ;)

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    The purpose of boxing gloves are to protect your knuckles from bruising and to protect your opponent.
    The heavier the glove, the more protection it offers the person you are hitting.

    For pad work, the weight doesnt matter much and almost any gloves are adequate.

    If your thumb are hurting, it is likely your technique isnt right.
    I recommend using a hand wrap. Properly wrapped, it provides something like a little ball to hold in your palm, minimizing a clenched fist.

    • If you are a strong enough puncher the boxing glove does more than protect your knuckles from bruising, it prevents you from shattering your hand. People think boxers wear gloves to protect their opponent's head but it is more to protect the delicate bones in your own hand which are way more fragile than a skull.

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    If you're concerned about there not being enough padding around the thumb, you should consider getting heavier gloves. Personally, I use 16oz gloves even for pad/bag/wall wedge workouts cause the added weight can only strengthen and tone your arms over time.

    I agree with BuyoTheCat though, where your knuckle connect with the bag/pad shouldn't be anywhere near your thumbs. Maybe check with someone that your fist is in the proper position when you punch.

    I find everlast gloves to be costly and not that comfortable. I've been using Mani gloves and upgraded from their lighter 'bag' gloves to the heavier sparring gloves over time.

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