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Nexus 5X 16GB H791 (Grey Import) $301 @ Android Enjoyed


This is like the $308 deal except cheeper and with a $10 discount instead of $5

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Android Enjoyed
Android Enjoyed

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  • Yeah right, big discount bro.

  • AndroidEnjoyed, what a joke

    please don't be discouraged though

  • Coupon code: BeforeYouGoToWaste$300

    Anything from Android Enjoyed must not be here

  • What does cheeper mean?

  • Don't like your chances on a warranty from the retailer.

  • I recently got a xiaomi note 3 from them and it went dead after 2 months. I did a RMA on 24 March 2016 and response was so SLOW and nothing done til NOW. Their price may be cheap but aftersale service SUCKS. So at your risks….

  • How come this store isn't banned if people are so against it?

  • I bought a phone from them for like 30$ cheaper than elsewhere.

    Waited 3-4 days without any progress after order and was worried.

    Looked up reviews and yeah, seems like a bunch to avoid.

    Luckily they sent it shortly after another week and arrived here in 2 days. They are using Toll Priority.

    One scary thing about it was that the phone from Android Enjoyed was NOT brand new. There was no setup screen upon powering on and the language was already set in Spanish. Also some stuff seems to have beeb fiddled with/moved around so you can tell it's already been used. I bought two of this same phone. One from Android Enjoyed and another from eglobal. It was for my father to gift to his relatives back in his home country. The phone from eglobal was sealed, had a setup screen upon powering on and language selection that you had to select on setup.

    So I wouldn't recommend people use this bunch. They only accept Credit Card, no PayPal, slow slow email replies, shady stock, and apparently crap after service.

  • Sockpuppetting though? Brand new user, signs up 10 mins before posting this deal.

  • Good effort OP, however as you can see from the comments above, "we don't take kindly to deals from Android enjoyed around here"

  • Seems like the kind of seller to avoid. But don't get discouraged OP!



  • Just check out reviews about this seller before ordering.

  • Good price, pity the seller is so crappy.

  • I think these guys are the evolution of techoni same area and same bullshit

  • OP These may be grey imports into China. From Europe or who knows where.

    However, they are Private Imports into Australia. The buyers are deemed to be the importers.

    No two year (or more) Consumer Guarantee.

    Disreputable seller based overseas.

    No way to enforce any warranty offered by the seller.