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Toshiba Chromebook 2 - US $336.05 (~ AU $449) Shipped @ Amazon - 1080p IPS Screen, 4GB RAM


Toshiba Chromebook 2 - 2015 Edition

13.3" Full-HD IPS Display
Intel 1.7 GHz Celeron 3215U
Backlight Keyboard
Wireless AC

$336.05 USD with Standard Delivery ($446.16 Australian)
$341.10 USD with Expedited Delivery ($452.78 Australian)
$365.15 USD with Express Delivery ($484.80 Australian)

If you are lucky enough to have a credit card or Debt Card with zero international transaction fee's (Bankwest Zero Platinum, Citibank Everyday, etc) avoid using the amazon currency converter, as their rates are slightly more expensive. Just pay in USD and you will have the prices I have listed. If you dont have those cards, check what international transaction fee's you bank has, and compare the total cost to what amazon are charging with their built in currency converter and go with whichever one is best for you.

Don't forget to use Google Chromebook Goodies link to get Free Google Drive Storage and Google Music Access (Needs to be accessed from your Chromebook)

You need to purchase a 2 prong (Figure8) Aussie Power Cable too! They can be found at Jaycar for like $6:

Its one of the best Chromebook you can currently buy anywhere in the world - Only the much more expensive Dell Chromebook 13 and Google Chromebook Pixel are better.
Don't forget that ChromeOS now has access to things like a proper VLC and PLEX client that work really well. If you really want to access Windows or OSX on the laptop simply install the Teamviewer App or Chrome Remote Desktop and it works perfectly. Great for people who have NUC's in their home network that they want to remotely connect to!

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  • I used to use chrubuntu on my Samsung Chromebook.

    If you do that, then you can always run KVM QEMU or VirtualBox or something, if you really need OS X or Windows.

  • Actually, chrubuntu is unsupported these days.

    GalliumOS if you want Linux:

    Or reflash coreboot if you want Windows or OS X:

  • My girlfriend left mine on the stove one time and now it has a big hole in the bottom. Still works!
    Would recommend!

  • Celeron 3215U, being a Broadwell, is actually quite respectable running ChromeOS comparing to other Atom-based Chromebooks. This is the kind of computer you buy for your parents or kids, which would reduce the time you need to spend on providing tech support…

    • And wives! My tech-support requests have dropped to almost zero. Much simpler than OSX or Linux, let alone Windows.

      I utterly adore ChromeOS, despite not using it myself :-)

      • As someone who regularly fulfills tech support requests both at work and at home, anything that I can buy to reduce my workload is a plus in my books.


        true that. got a toshiba chromebook non 1080P and wife thinks thats the best thing in the world. had to setup plex though as it doesnt have a file browser.

  • Have had an asus chromebook for the past year and have still kept it and enjoy it over my larger I7 dell which is an utter brick/heatpad Great battery life and speed however I wouldnt spend 400 dollars on a chromebook 2-300 is the sweet spot price wise,

  • It comes to $462. How did you get it at $449??

    • Do not use Amazon's USD to AUD converter. They take a bit off the top.
      Pay in USD to your Australian Credit Card/ Debt Card. Assuming your card doesn't have international transaction fees (Bankwest Zero Platinum, Citibank Plus Everyday, etc) you get it for that price.

      Ill update the listing to mention this.

  • Bought it anyway, Thanks for the post!

  • Sorry everyone, I mentioned you need to buy a different power cable to go into the power adaptor. It is not clover leaf, it is figure 8 power cable.

    See the ones at Jaycar here:

    I will update the listing to say as such.

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