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Craft Beers from $2 at First Choice Jindalee QLD (Plus Additional 20% of with 6pack Mix&Match)


Was just at First Choice Jindalee, and the lady working there told me about their craft beer special. Couldn't find anything online so so not sure if it's at other stores. These are all quite good beers and great way to try out a variety of beers. With the extra 20% of for mix and match, it came to $19.20 for 12!

They were also doing straight 6 packs for $12.

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First Choice Liquor
First Choice Liquor

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    pretty decent deal

    some of those push the definition of 'craft beer', but still a better choice than your very average 2, 3 or 4 letter brews (VB,New,XXXX)

  • Ugh I didn't want to get up but here is a deal 2 minutes from my house and I am thirsty….id better head over now

  • I've been in first choice and they don't advertise their deals. It helps to ask. Once I got 2 6 packs of white rabbit dark for $35. Just by asking.

    • Once I got 2 6 packs of white rabbit dark for $35

      That's hardly a big saving…

  • VB fo lyfe!

  • Seen these earlier in First Choice Maroubra NSW.

  • Jindalee is ages away, someone check if they're on special at Lutwyche for me pleeease :)

  • Went to the store tonight, the $2 deal is on the following beers only:

    • Lorry Boys (Pale, Golden, Bright Ales)
    • 3 Pub Circus (Kolsch, Pale & Artisan Ales)
    • Steamrail (Pale, Golden, Amber Ales & Pilsner)

    They also have the following special: Spend over $30 in store and get any 6 pack of Matilda Bay beers for $10


  • Great deal, I found the same at Maroochydore.
    $9.60 for 6 beers which would normally cost around $20.

    • went to local First choice and picked up this deal, tried all of them. Sure..it works out cheap, $9.60 for a six pack but here's the catch. As per genes888 its only those three "craft beers" and according to the label on the back all are made under contract for either Liquorland or Australian Beer Connoisseurs. Both are known for making mass produced flavourless beers and sadly, even though the bottles look very arty and the words promise much, are very much that..no taste at all..could have been drinking any of the mainstream beers for all I knew. They all are around 4.5% ABV so I suppose if you want a cheap beer with a good looking bottle but no taste its a great deal. Otherwise..Dan murphys $10-$12 sixpack of the month would be better value (although this months $10 beer- heineken pushes it!)

      • update: There was one of the beers I didn't try yesterday..the 3 pub circus Hairy Mary Pale Ale.
        In the aim of being thorough ( any excuse for a beer!) I went out and got a couple for $4. To be honest its not bad, at 5.1% ABV there was some flavour! So.. it's no true "craft beer" but its probably the best value of this lot.

        • I just tried the Artisan and this Pale Ale. I think your summation would be correct for most drinkers. I personally liked the Artisan a touch more, found the pale ale and bit too wheaty and yeasty. I dont love beer that is really really strong in flavor though so these faux crafts suit me fine.

  • I got a bunch from capalaba first choice and also the $10 Six pack of fat yak. Best to use it as a sampler though and find one you like and buy some more of that as it seems this deal runs well into may. The steamrail golden seems to get the best reception online. Brother in law reckons 3 pub circus artesian ale is a bit like feral sly Fox. One of each type is cooling down right now so well see