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iPod Touch 8GB + Logitech Pure-Fi Anytime $311


On sale from 15 to 21/04/2010 at Big W. On front page of the current catalog.
Combo price. Cheapest Logitech Pure Fi Anytime on its own would be over $100.

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  • Welcome, But I edited comment at start. People comment on a post according to it's bargainability to them. Good deals get good ratings bad deals don't. Thats all. Keep posting that way you find out, what the community likes and what it doesn't.

  • Seems like a good deal.

    The Pure Fi Anytime is $178 at Dick Smith Hornsby.

  • I'd stay away from the iPod touch 8Gb and the iPhone 8Gb. The new iPhone OS 4 won't fully support them - no springboard backgrounds or multitasking. Much better off with a 3GS or a 16Gb+ iPod touch.

    My 2c, good deal if you don't care about my rambling ;)