Security cameras for office

Hi everyone.

I'm looking to install some security cameras inside my offices. I'm looking for about 8 ip cameras,at least 720p up to 2mp, no need for ptz features. I would also like some suggestions for a nvr or does anyone have any experience using a synology nas as an NVR



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    Have a look at Hikvision cameras and NVR, myself and many others have bought from aliexpress (fourm about it on whirpool forums). For an easier approach buy locally.


      Have you found the hikvision cameras and NVR to be reliable?

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    I have a synology with a Hikvission (2235?) which works fine but I just have the one camera. I haven't spent a lot of time on it but I think the positives are it's all integrated and has redudancy. The camera is not natively supported so it runs as a ONVIF? compatable meanign it only supports h.264 not h.265. 900gb of space lets me record just under 3 weeks worth of data.

    THe negatives is that to view the camera you either have to use the Synology App or have to use Firefox currently as its the only browser that supports the required addons.

    I bought my camera from ebay under "PCHOMESTORE" or a similar name so I got buyer protection etc. I plan to get another to add to it shortly. Let me know if you need more info.


      Thanks for the reply. What are features of your camera and have you found the picture quality to be good.

      I have been looking at hikvision cameras, but there is so much choice it gets confusing.

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        Personally I found the quality to be really good. Easy to install. For power I just ran Cat6 and used a TPLINK 8PORT POE switch.

        I should spend more time configuring it as currently it records everything and then marks movement in Green on the "Timeline" app inside of Surveillance Station (Synology Software). I would prefer it to just record when there is an event triggered. I picked that one as it's not a dome and has good resolution (4mp) and amazing price $120. It was fairly easy to install.

        Correction just checked my ebay history and I bought this one

        As it had free tracking with postage aswell and ebay/paypal buyer protection.

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