Who can apply for American Express business card?


The requirements don't say anything about needing to own a business or ABN. Yet the name and some of the features definitely suggest it's geared towards business owners.

Does anyone know whether you can apply for these cards if you don't have a business or ABN?

edit: since it's not clear, I'm interested to hear from people who've applied for an amex business card without being a business owner before.

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  • It would be better to obtain this information from American Express over the phone or online. If you click on the apply button and begin filling in the online application, you will see business related questions for sure. It does not make sense to seek information from an Ozbargain forum about eligility for a business card, instead of seeking information from the provider. Too many of the Ozbargain forums are hijacked by lunatics with an axe to grind. Why do you think that Ozbargain members would know more than American Express staff members?

    • Lunatics with an axe to grind, like me and every other person here who's ever bought a gift card for an Amex cash back offer, when Amex will tell you quite clearly (via their T&C and if you actually asked them) that gift cards will not qualify you.

      What Amex says they'll let me do is irrelevant. I'm interested to know whether Amex will actually let me do it.

      I'm really not sure what the point of your reply is, you don't know the answer to my question… that's cool. Someone else may, because uhh… maybe because they've tried to apply for one before without being a business owner. This forum contains lots of people who apply for credit cards for good sign up bonuses, so it's a good place to ask questions like this.

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        Careful with that axe Eugene.

  • The 'apply now' button indicates it will be asking you questions about your business finances, so it would appear difficult to provide the answers they want if you are not a business. But interestingly it doesn't ask for an ABN, at least on the first page where I would have expected it.
    If you are especially interested in such a card, and felt it worth the hassle, you could apply for an ABN as a sole trader (even though you currently have zero business revenue/income) and answer the questions based on your 'combined' sole trader income from work and your 'business'. I reckon you might be able to swing that if you had a decent income and a plausible story on how you were just starting up your business.

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    Who can apply for American Express business card?


    Now who will be approved, that is a different matter …

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