Dell Venue 11 Pro 7130 (10.8", i5-4300Y, 8GB, 256GB SSD, Windows 8.1 Pro, Refurbished) $410, good price?

Looking for some feedback.

Found a Dell Venue 11 Pro 7130 10.8" i5-4300Y 8Gb 256Gb SSD Windows 8.1 Pro tablet in "manufacturer refurbished" condition ("good" condition and tested).

It's going for $410 but $450 total after delivery from USA is added. From what I can tell after eBay and Amazon research this is a minor bargain, average based on a small sample is around $450 but most of those were 4GB models. Also I may be able to reduce shipping slightly with shipito.

Any Dell buyers with experience out there, what do you think of this purchase price and what do you think is a good price (and where did you look for it of course).



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    10.8 inch 16:9, 1920x1080 pixel, 10-point multi-touch, Capacitive, Samsung, IPS, glossy: yes

    I'm gonna say yeah, this is well worth $500 etc.

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    Well worth it
    Mine had a SIM card slot and worked with 42 hsdpa Telstra no worries
    Mine was the 4gb 128gb SSD model
    Was an awesome unit once I disabled throttling so I could play 3D games
    The first thing I would do is remove the crappy Windows 8 install dell used

    I bought mine for 300 off gumtree and sold it for 450 a few weeks ago
    The seller had stuffed the original OS and I fixed it

    Removable battery too so that's a plus
    Will run many games once you remove dells horrible throttling bios mods
    Very fast tablet for the money
    A little heavy but nothing over the top

    • Yeah I was reading about that throttling "issue"/feature - thanks for bringing it up.

      It sounds like these devices turn into a bit of a beat once you remove that (at the expense of battery of course).

  • Warranty is the big issue. No local warranty would be a problem for me.

    • There is none however fwiw there is 30 day return policy as per eBay.

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      The unit I got 'manufacturer refurbished' came with a 1 year USA Dell warranty. I got it transferred to Australia on the Dell website.

      • Ah cheers, thanks for that, wasn't aware one could do that.

  • Sounds like a good deal Diji1, link?

    • Sure

      I just noticed they changed to free shipping (within USA) so it may be worth waiting but keeping an eye on the inventory levels as this may indicate they want to drop the price further with lower inventory. But this definitely makes shipito a cheaper (but slower) option for shipping.

      They might drop the price further.

  • This is a very good tablet, I picked one up from graysonline auctions. It is a poor man's surface. This model is no longer available new. Check the graysonline auctions for matching bluetooth keyboards or you can match it with a cheap Pendo bluetooth keyboard in black colour, depending on your budget.The 8Gb ram is great and the 256 Gb SSD is a true solid state drive. Some tablets are advertised with SSD drive but really have a multi media storage card. Also, the Dell tablet has a full sized usb port, and a micro HDMI port. The purchase price quoted is good as they were very expensive when new. If you check online, this model has very good reviews. Also, you can do the free upgrade to Windows 10.

  • $265.00 USED on amazon, discontinued now

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