How can I decide what glazier to employ?

I'm looking to replace a window in my house.

How can I make an informed decision about who to employ? Are there any good websites that contain aggregated reviews of glaziers?

I'm in Melbourne, but I'm interested in general to know how to select a tradesperson for jobs of this sort.


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    the entire window frame?

    a bigger or smaller window replacement? or same size?

    or just the glass?

    weatherboard or brick or other?


    new window? or reclaimed from a wrecker?

    what size is the window?

  • Actually it's a bit more complicated than I explained. I'm thinking of maybe getting rid of a air conditioner that doesn't work properly, and when that's done like a 1m x 1m hole will be present. Then I want to fill that in with a window.

    It's a brick house.

    • That's actually a really simple job, I've done it myself a few times. Get a few quotes from handymen, not tradies…you'll save a fortune.

      • yep. easy peasy.

        double brick or single brick?

        if it's single brick then just start looking for appropriate size windows on ebay and gumtree.

        if it's double brick then I'd suggest a building a simple wooden frame to box in the opening and then get an appropriately sized window for that.

        concrete drill bits to drill in to the brick
        you need some plastic spaghetti for anchoring screws in to the brick work
        screws to screw through the frame in the brick work to secure it.
        some gap filler and caulking gun to fill in any gaps
        some beading for the inside.

        or go with a handyman. but get the window yourself.

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    Find someone who is upfront, transparent and not a pane.

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      To bad if the window is out the back.

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