CB Radio Advice Needed

I'm looking at buying a CB Radio for my parents who have recently bought a Mitsubishi Pajero & caravan in preparation for their retirement.
However i know nothing about what kind of specs, prices and even stores i might start looking at.
Any advice on anything CB related would be appreciated.


  • Check supercheap auto and repco. Buy only when it is around 40% off because it is discounted very often. 5w is max so buy that for the car and buy a 1 or 2w handheld. Also get a good external antenna not only for the radio but for a mobile phone w/ an antenna port.

    If they are going to go way out of the way consider an epirb or sat phone

    • I had thought the antenna and handheld would come with them so thanks for letting me know.
      I don't think they're planning on going too far out just yet but will keep those in mind too. Thank you!

    • UHF 80 channel is the latest standard but the old UHF 40ch rigs still work very well and can be purchased used for a considerable discount. If they are going to remote rural areas then UHF coverage will be useless away from the main population hubs and main arterial roads. The old 27mhz single side band CBs may give you coverage in those areas but probably not worth the effort (unless they are really enthusiastic about radios) considering the advances in rural mobile phones these days.

  • Give Andrews a call and ask their advice


    A mobile phone with good rural coverage may be of more use than a CB.

    • Most common usage for UHF hand held radios in caravanning and 4wding is for the spotter during reversing/maneuvering procedures.